10 Facts about Charles II

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Facts about Charles II tell about another monarch of English, Scottish and Irish kingdoms. He was the son of Charles I. He was born on May 29th, 1630 and died on February 6th, 1685. During the climax of English civil war, his father was executed on January 30th, 1649 at Whitehall. Let’s find out interesting facts about Charles II by reading the below post:

Facts about Charles II 1: the new king

After the execution of Charles I, Charles II was proclaimed as a king on February 5th, 1649. However, kingdom had a phase called English Commonwealth. Oliver Cromwell was the leader.

Facts about Charles II 2: the battle of Cromwell and Charles II

On September 3rd, 1651, there was a battle between Charles II and Oliver Cromwell. The winner was Cromwell. Since Charles II was defeated, he fled to the mainland Europe. Find facts about Catherine Parr here.

Charles II Facts

Charles II Facts

Facts about Charles II 3: the rule of Cromwell

Cromwell was viewed as a virtual dictator of Ireland, Scotland and England. Since Charles II was defeated, he had an exiled life in various locations like in Spanish Netherlands, Dutch Republic and France for 9 years. Find facts about Catherine Howard here.

Facts about Charles II 4: return to Britain

Charles II was invited to return to Britain after Britain was restored into monarchy. It was conducted after Oliver Cromwell died in 1658.

Charles II Pictures

Charles II Pictures

Facts about Charles II 5: the public acclaim

The public acclaim was received by Charles II in his 30th birthday on May 29th, 1660.  In 1649, he became the successor of his father as a king.

Facts about Charles II 6: Clarendon Code

Clarendon Code was enacted by the English Parliament. Therefore, the Church of England was in charge again. Actually he preferred the tolerance of religion.

Charles II Image

Charles II Image

Facts about Charles II 7: secret treaty of Dover

Charles had a treaty of Dover secretly in 1670.  He made a deal with King Louis XIV of France, his first cousin. Charles agreed to convert to Catholicism if Louis helped him in the Third Anglo-Dutch War.

Facts about Charles II 8: the religious freedom

Charles II was interested with religious freedom. In 1672 Royal Declaration of Indulgence, he wanted to introduce the freedom, but it was withdrawn after the English parliament disagreed about it.

Facts about Charles II

Facts about Charles II

Facts about Charles II 9: Exclusion Crisis

Exclusion Crisis was sparked due to Titus Oates’s revelations in 1679 which stated that the bother of Charles was catholic. He was Duke of York, James.

Facts about Charles II 10: death

He died on February 6th, 1685. He ruled alone until his death when he dismissed the English parliament in 1681.

Charles II

Charles II

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