10 Facts about Charles Mingus

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Facts about Charles Mingus inform you with the famous American jazz double bassist bandleader and composer. He was born on 22nd April 1922 and died on 5th January 1979. His music was characterized with the elements of classical, free jazz, third stream, and gospel and blues music. However, Mingus did not want his music to be categorized. He just wanted to follow the traditional jazz. Check other interesting facts about Mingus by reading the following post below:

Facts about Charles Mingus 1: the primary influences

The primary influences of his music were from Duke Ellington. Once he cited about this man.

Facts about Charles Mingus 2: collective improvisation

The musical style can be seen on the collective improvisation. He wanted each member of the band interacted with other members in the group. It reminds the people with the old New Orleans jazz parades. Get facts about Charles Ives here.

Charles Mingus Facts

Charles Mingus Facts

Facts about Charles Mingus 3: the members of the bands

Mingus selected the members of his bands by checking their skills and abilities. Actually he also noted the personalities of the musicians. Many members of his bands enjoyed a great deal of career in the future. He had various talented and skilled musicians.

Facts about Charles Mingus 4: Mingus as a performer

Mingus was not only a bandleader. He was also a performer. He played the double bass. It was considered as his most proficient musical instruments. Find out facts about Celine Dion here.

Facts about Charles Mingus

Facts about Charles Mingus

Facts about Charles Mingus 5: “The Angry Man of Jazz”

“The Angry Man of Jazz” is the nickname of Charles Mingus. He was called using this nickname due to his temperament. He had a big ambition for his music.

Facts about Charles Mingus 6: the impact of his temperament

Due to his fearsome temperament, there were various impacts of his band. It often led into the dismissal of musicians, exhortations to musicians and onstage eruptions.

Charles Mingus

Charles Mingus

Facts about Charles Mingus 7: Duke Ellington

Mingus admired Duke Ellington a lot.  There is no need to wonder that some people considered him as the heir of Duke Ellington.

Facts about Charles Mingus 8: who played the composition of Mingus?

There were various bands and musicians who played the compositions created by Mingus.  The players included the high school students, Mingus Orchestra, Mingus Dynasty and Mingus Big Band.

Charles Mingus Pic

Charles Mingus Pic

Facts about Charles Mingus 9: The Library of Congress

The scores, correspondence, recordings and photos related to Mingus were collected by the Library of Congress in 1988 due to his importance in the jazz history.

Facts about Charles Mingus 10: the awards and honors

There are various awards and honors that Mingus earns. They include The National Endowment for the Arts and Guggenheim Fellowship. In 1999, Mingus Dynasty was inducted in Grammy Hall of Fame.

Charles Mingus Musician

Charles Mingus Musician

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