10 Facts about Charles Perrault

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Facts about Charles Perrault tell you about the French member of Académie française and writer. He was born on January 12th, 1628 and died on May 16th, 1703. The main focus of his works can be seen on the fairy tales. He often got the inspiration from the folk tales. You should check his various tales to know more about his wonderful works. Check other interesting facts about Charles Perrault:

Facts about Charles Perrault 1: the best known tales of Perrault

If you are interested to read the famous works of Perrault, you have to check La Belle au bois dormant or the Sleeping Beauty, Le Petit Chaperon rouge or Little Red Riding Hood, Le Chat Botté or Puss in Boots, La Barbe bleue or Bluebeard and Cendrillon or Cinderella.

Facts about Charles Perrault 2: Brothers Grimm

200 years after the publication of the old stories of Perrault, they affected the works of Brothers Grimm. Get facts about Charles Dickens here.

Charles Perrault Facts

Charles Perrault Facts

Facts about Charles Perrault 3: the popularity of the stories and tales by Perrault

The tales and stories of Perrault are very popular in the world. There is no need to wonder that they are adapted in ballet, opera, movies, theatres and books. If you are interested to check the balet version, see The Sleeping Beauty of Tchaikovsky.

Facts about Charles Perrault 4: the famous figures in French literature

Perrault is considered as one of famous authors in French literature. During the Quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns, Perrault served as the head of the modern group.

Facts about Charles Perrault

Facts about Charles Perrault

Facts about Charles Perrault 5: the early life of Perrault

Let’s find out the early life of Perrault. His family was rich. His mother was Paquette Le Clerc, while his father was Pierre Perrault. He was 7th kid in the family. Paris was his place of birth.

Facts about Charles Perrault 6: the education

Since Perrault was from a bourgeois family, he was able to enjoy great education. Before he was involved in government service, he studied law.

Charles Perrault Tales

Charles Perrault Tales

Facts about Charles Perrault 7: La Peinture

La Peinture means painting. It was written by Perrault in 1668. It was used to honor Charles Le Brun. He was the first painter of the king.

Facts about Charles Perrault 8: marriage

In 1672, Perrault and Marie Guichon wedded. She was 19 years old when both married. In 1678, she passed away.

Charles Perrault Stories

Charles Perrault Stories

Facts about Charles Perrault 9: the guidebook of labyrinth

Labyrinte de Versailles is the guidebook of labyrinth that he produced in 1677. Sebastien le Clerc was the illustrator of this guidebook.

Facts about Charles Perrault 10: death of Perrault

In 1703, Perrault passed away when he was 75 years old in Paris. Check facts about Carter G Woodson here.

Charles Perrault Painting

Charles Perrault Painting

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