10 Facts about Charles Schulz

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Find out the interesting information about the American cartoonist on Facts about Charles Schulz. He was born on 26 November 1922 and died on 12 February 2000. People recognize him due to Peanuts. It was a famous comic strip in America. If you check this comic, you can find the famous cartoon characters such as Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Check other interesting facts about Charles Schulz below:

Facts about Charles Schulz 1: the popularity of Peanuts

The comic strip, Peanuts is considered as a long lasting comic. It is used to define the modernist ideas. It features the sarcastic humor, minimalist drawings, clean design, serious treatment of kids, wild imagination, inner thought of animals, and many more. There is no need to wonder that Schulz is considered as one of the influential cartoonists in United States.

Facts about Charles Schulz 2: the place of birth

The place of birth of Schulz was located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was raised in Saint Paul. His mother had Norwegian descent. She was Dena Halverson. His father was born in Germany. He was Carl Schulz. Get facts about Brian Froud here.

Charles Schulz Pic

Charles Schulz Pic

Facts about Charles Schulz 3: the nickname

When he was a child, Schulz was called Sparky by his uncle. The name was taken from the comic strip, Barney Google with the character Spark Plug.

Facts about Charles Schulz 4: the interest

There is no need to wonder that Schulz ended up as a famous cartoonist. He loved drawing since he was a kid.

Charles Schulz Facts

Charles Schulz Facts

Facts about Charles Schulz 5: the family dog

Spike was the name of Schulz’s family dog. This dog was unique for it liked to eat tacks or pins.

Facts about Charles Schulz 6: Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! was one of the most popular shows in America? Do you know that Schulz sent a picture of Spike on the show in 1937? It was picked for his hunting dog ate unusual things.

Facts about Charles Schulz

Facts about Charles Schulz

Facts about Charles Schulz 7: the high school life

The high school life was not easy for everyone. During this time, his high school rejected his drawing.

Facts about Charles Schulz 8: the acceptance

It is surprising to know that 60 years after his drawing was rejected, the statue of Snoopy can be seen at the main office of the high school.

Charles Schulz

Charles Schulz

Facts about Charles Schulz 9: Camp Snoopy

Camp Snoopy was opened on 1 July 1983. You can find characters in the comic strip Peanuts on this mountain and forested themed area in Knott’s Berry Farm.

Facts about Charles Schulz 10: Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport

Schulz is used as the name of an airport in Sonoma County. Snoopy in scarf and goggles is used as the logo of the airport.

Charles Schulz Drawing

Charles Schulz Drawing

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