10 Facts about Charles Sturt

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Find out the interesting facts about British explorer of Australia on Facts about Charles Sturt. He was born on April 28th, 1795 and died on June 16th, 1869. There were several expeditions to Australia that Captain Charles Napier Sturt led.   He had explored Adelaide and Sydney. He also took parts in the European exploration in Australia. Check other interesting facts about Charles Sturt by reading the below post:

Facts about Charles Sturt 1: the place of birth

The place of birth of Sturt was located in Bengal. It was a part of British India. There were 13 children in the family and Sturt was the eldest son. His father was a judge under the British East India Company. His name was Thomas Lenox Napier Sturt.

Facts about Charles Sturt 2: living in England

Sturt had to live in England with the relations of his family when he was five years old. He had to live there to get better education. In 1810, he lived in Harrow after he was enrolled at a preparatory school. Get Facts about Charles Lindbergh here.

Charles Sturt Image

Charles Sturt Image

Facts about Charles Sturt 3: the education

Since his father was not rich, it was not easy to fund Charles’ education if he went to Cambridge University. His father could do nothing to make him engage in a profession.

Facts about Charles Sturt 4: as an ensign

Sturt became an ensign in the British army. It was after his aunt made an appeal to Prince Regent. Charles was the member of Dorsetshire Regiment of Foot. Find facts about Charles Martel here.

Charles Sturt Facts
Charles Sturt Facts

Facts about Charles Sturt 5: during the war

When Sturt was enrolled as an ensign, he saw various wars. In Canada, he viewed the war against the Americans led by Duke of Wellington.  After the Battle of Waterloo, Charles was able to visit Europe.

Facts about Charles Sturt 6: promoted career

His career in the army was great. On 7 April 1823, he was promoted to lieutenant. On 15 December 1825, he became a captain.

Facts about Charles Sturt

Facts about Charles Sturt

Facts about Charles Sturt 7: going to Australia

On 23rd May 1827, Sturt arrived in Sydney since he had to escort the convicts to New South Wales.

Facts about Charles Sturt 8: the climate and condition

When Sturt was in Australia, he was interested with the country due to magnificent climate and weather in New South Wales.

Charles Sturt

Charles Sturt

Facts about Charles Sturt 9: Sir Ralph Darling

Sturt was selected by Sir Ralph Darling as the major of brigade since he believed in him. Darling was the governor of New South Wales.

Facts about Charles Sturt 10: the relationship with other explorers

Sturt developed great relationship with other explorers such as Hamilton Hume, Allan Cunningham, and John Oxley.

Charles Sturt Pic

Charles Sturt Pic

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