10 Facts about Charles Swindoll

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Facts about Charles Swindoll tell you about the evangelical Christian pastor, radio preacher, educator, and author. He was born on 18 October 1934. Insight for Living was established by Swindoll. It is a radio program aired in 15 languages in 2,000 stations. The base of Insight for Living is located in Plano, Texas. Here are other interesting facts about Charles Swindoll:

Facts about Charles Swindoll 1: the place of birth

The place of birth of Swindoll was in El Campo, Wharton County, Texas. His parents were Lovell and Earl Swindoll. There were three kids in the family and he was the last child. Get facts about Carrie Chapman Catt here.

Facts about Charles Swindoll 2: the education

Talking about his early education, Swindoll was enrolled to Charles H. Milby High School in Houston. Since he had severe stuttering, he stated that he could overcome this condition because of Dick Nieme. He was his drama teacher.

Charles Swindoll Pic

Charles Swindoll Pic

Facts about Charles Swindoll 3: the life at school

Swindoll was active during his school time.   He was interested with music. Therefore, he was included in the marching band and orchestra in the school. His prominent musical instrument is saxophone even though he can play other woodwind instruments. Get facts about Cesar Chavez here.

Facts about Charles Swindoll 4: the life after graduating from high school

Mechanical engineering became his concern after he left the high school. When he studied this subject, he had a job in Reed Roller Bit Company located in Houston, Texas.

Charles Sturt Facts

Charles Sturt Facts

Facts about Charles Swindoll 5: the military service

Swindoll had his military experience when he served for Marine Corps of U.S. He served the country in San Francisco and Okinawa. In 1959, he left the military service.

Facts about Charles Swindoll 6: Theological Seminary

He was enrolled at Dallas Theological Seminary after he was discharged from the honorable military service. He had a magnificent graduation since he earned magna cum laude.

Charles Swindoll Facts

Charles Swindoll Facts

Facts about Charles Swindoll 7: the career as a ministry

In 1963, Swindoll was ordained as a ministry for two years in Dallas.

Facts about Charles Swindoll 8: As senior pastorates

In 1965 until 1967, Swindoll served as the senior pastorates in Waltham, Massachusetts. In 1967 until 1971, he was in Irving, Texas. In 1971 until 1994, he served for Fullerton, California. Since 1998, he has been a senior pastor in Frisco.

Facts about Charles Swindoll

Facts about Charles Swindoll

Facts about Charles Swindoll 9: Dallas Theological Seminary

Swindoll was appointed as the president of Dallas Theological Seminary in 1994. Now he holds the current position in the seminary as a chancellor.

Facts about Charles Swindoll 10: an author

Swindoll is also a productive author. He has written around 70 books. Most of them are about sermons.

Charles Swindoll

Charles Swindoll

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