10 Facts about Charles V

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Facts about Charles V tell you about the famous ruler who was known as Charles I of Spain. He was born on February 24th, 1500 and died on September 21st, 1558. In 1506, he became the ruler of the Netherlands.  In 1519, he was selected as the Holy Roman Emperor. In 1516, he became the ruler of Spanish Empire. Due to the various abdications which took place in 1554 until 1556, he decided to step down from his important positions. Here are other interesting facts about Charles V to note:

Facts about Charles V 1: the inheritance

Charles V was very prominent in the history for he was able to rule the southern, western and central Europe under his rule due to his inheritance. He also ruled the colonies of Spain located in Asia and Americas.

Facts about Charles V 2: the domains

Due to the extension domains that Charles V earned, his empire was always described as the one which the sun never sets. Get facts about Charles II here.

Charles V Facts

Charles V Facts

Facts about Charles V 3: the dynasties

As I have stated before, Charles V was able to rule the extensive area which spanned four million square km away due to his inheritance. There were three of leading dynasties in Europe who considered Charles V as their heir. Those were the Houses of Habsburg, Valois-Burgundy and Trastámara. Get facts about Charles I of England here.

Facts about Charles V 4: the Habsburgs

The Habsburgs was considered as the dynasty of Charles V.  The lands in central Europe as well as Austria were parts of his own dynasty.

Facts about Charles V

Facts about Charles V

Facts about Charles V 5: Maximilian I

Have you ever heard about Maximilian I? He was the holy Roman Emperor.  Charles V was the grandchild of this Habsburg man. Due to this line, Charles V replaced his position as the Holy Roman Emperor.

Facts about Charles V 6: the House of Valois-Burgundy

In the House of Valois-Burgundy, Charles V was also considered as the inheritor. Therefore, he became the ruler for the Franche-Comté and Burgundian Netherlands.

Charles V

Charles V

Facts about Charles V 7: Trastámara

Trastámara was the Spanish House. Since Charles was also the inheritor of this house, he earned the power to rule the crowns of Castile. The colonies of Spain located in Aragon, Asia and Americas were also under his rule.

Facts about Charles V 8: the first king of Spain

Charles V is always called as the first King of Spain since he was the first ruler of Castile and Aragon.

Charles V Pic

Charles V Pic

Facts about Charles V 9: enemies

Due to the extensive lands and powers that he had, Charles V had a lot of enemies. There were various wars which dominated his reign.

Facts about Charles V 10: the war with France

The kingdom of Charles V had various wars with France. In 1525 during the Battle of Pavia, Francis I of France was captured.

Charles V Image

Charles V Image

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