10 Facts about Charleston SC

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If you want to know the town established by Charles Town in 1670, you have to check Facts about Charleston SC. It was built to honor King Charles II of England. In 1783, it was called Charleston. It takes the second largest city in South Carolina, but it is the oldest one. It was considered as the 5th largest city in North America in 1690. Get other interesting facts about Charleston below:

Facts about Charleston SC 1: the population

Based on the report in 2010, Charleston was occupied by 120,083 people.  There was an estimated report which stated that it would be inhabited by 130,113 people in 2014.

Facts about Charleston SC 2: the development and growth

The population of the town will be increased from time to time due to the fast development here.

Charleston SC Facts

Charleston SC Facts

Facts about Charleston SC 3: the fame

Charleston is very famous in America for various reasons. People always associate the town due to the distinctive restaurants, amazing architectures, rich history and friendly people.

Facts about Charleston SC 4: accolades

People love to visit Charleston. There is no need to wonder that it earns various accolades.  In 2013 and 2014, Conde Nast Traveler called as it as America’s Most Friendly city. Southern Living Magazine called it as the most polite and hospitable city in America.

Charleston SC Beauty

Charleston SC Beauty

Facts about Charleston SC 5: the culture

The people who love multi cultures should come to Charleston for it mixes the English, America, West African and French cultures.

Facts about Charleston SC 6: the fabulous entertainment

If you want to enjoy a great entertainment in Charleston, you can have to go to the downtown peninsula. You will be served with amazing fashion, local food, music and art.

Charleston SC

Charleston SC

Facts about Charleston SC 7: the famous art festival

One of the famous art festivals in Charleston was Spoleto Festival USA. You can see the art performance here in the end of spring season.

Facts about Charleston SC 8: the Footlight Players

If you are interested to enjoy the performance of theatrical production, you have to spot the Footlight Players on stage. It was established in 1931 and is considered as the oldest community theater group. Get facts about Cardiff here.

Charleston SC Pic

Charleston SC Pic

Facts about Charleston SC 9: fashion

Fashion is always a part of Charleston. In spring, you can find out the Charleston Fashion Week. It is held every year in Marion Square. This fashion week makes the people, clients, journalists and designers gather here.

Facts about Charleston SC 10: the food

The famous food in Charleston is seafood. Some of the staple diets made of sea food include red rice, deviled crab cakes, fried oysters, she-crab soup, Low country boil, and gumbo. Find facts about Cartagena here .



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