10 Facts about Charlie Higson

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The English author is explained on Facts about Charlie Higson. This man is also famous as a comedian and actor. Once, he was a singer. Higson was born on July 3rd, 1958 in Frome, Somerset. For his early education, Higson went to Sevenoaks School.  He met David Cummings, Paul Whitehouse, and Terry Edwards when he studied at University of East Anglia in Norwich. In 1986 until 2008, his brother taught here. Check other interesting facts about Higson by reading the following post below:

Facts about Charlie Higson 1: The Higsons

As I have stated before Higson was a former singer. He had a band, The Higsons. The members were Higson, Edwards, and Cummings.  In 1980 until 1986, Higson became the lead singer.

Facts about Charlie Higson 2: the singles

There were two singles released by The Higsons. After he became a singer, Higson worked as a decorator. Then he turned his attention to become an author. He also worked as a comedian. Get facts about Charles Perrault here.

Charlie Higson Book
Charlie Higson Book

Facts about Charlie Higson 3: the prominence

Higson was famous and popular after he became one of the performers and primary writers for The Fast Show aired in 1994 until 2000 for BBC Two sketch show.

Facts about Charlie Higson 4: Down the Line

Down the Line was the radio comedy.  Higson and Whitehouse worked together here. Both also worked together in another TV program which presented the spoof of celebrity travel program.

Facts about Charlie Higson

Facts about Charlie Higson

Facts about Charlie Higson 5: Suite 16

Suite 16 is the film thriller. The screenplay for the movie was co-written by Higson and Lise Mayer.  Find out facts about Charles Booth here.

Facts about Charlie Higson 6: Randall & Hopkirk

Randall & Hopkirk is another TV program. In 2000 until 2001, Higson became the writer, producer, and writer of this program. You can also see him as a guest star in the series.

Charlie Higson

Charlie Higson

Facts about Charlie Higson 7: other TV program

Higson also involved in other various TV programs. On QI, he became a panelist. On BBC Three, he became the actor in Tittybangbang. In Bellamy’s People, he was the star and co director.

Facts about Charlie Higson 8: the novels

There are some novels that he published in the beginning of mid 1990s.  At first, he chose the everyday lifestyle as the subject. Then you can see his novels featuring the adult tone.

Charlie Higson Image

Charlie Higson Image

Facts about Charlie Higson 9: Young Bond series

There was a report in 2004 which stated that the Young Bond series of James Bond Novels will be written by Higson.

Facts about Charlie Higson 10: the bond novels

The bond novels that he wrote include SilverFin, Blood Fever, Blood Fever and By Royal Command.

Charlie Higson Facts

Charlie Higson Facts

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