10 Facts about Charlie Parker

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Facts about Charlie Parker explain the information about the American jazz saxophonist and composer. He was born on 29 August 1920 and died on 12 March 1955. His famous nickname is Bird or Yardbird. He contributed a lot on the development of bebop. Moreover, he influenced the jazz music as a soloist. Get other facts about Charlie Parker below:

Facts about Charlie Parker 1: the characters of jazz music

Let’s find out the characters of Charlie Parker’s jazz music. He often employed the virtuosic techniques, fast tempos and great improvisation.

Facts about Charlie Parker 2: the revolutionary harmonic ideas

There are various revolutionary harmonic ideas that Parker showed to the world. You can check his new variants of changed chords, fast passing chords and adorable chord substitutions.

Charlie Parker Image

Charlie Parker Image

Facts about Charlie Parker 3: the range of his musical tones

If you are a fan of Charlie Parker, you must know the musical tone range that Charlie Parker often employed. He chose somber, sweet to clean musical tone.

Facts about Charlie Parker 4: the nickname

As I have stated before, there were two nicknames earned by Charlie Parker. In the beginning of his career, people liked to call him Yardbird. He preferred the shortened version of Bird. People called him Bird until his death.

Charlie Parker Facts

Charlie Parker Facts

Facts about Charlie Parker 5: why did he get Bird name?

Parker was called him Bird because he creates various compositions which contain Bird on the titles. Some of them include “Bird of Paradise”, “Bird Gets the Worm”, “Ornithology”, and “Yard bird Suite”.

Facts about Charlie Parker 6: an icon

Parker was considered as an icon for he was not only an entertainer. He was a jazz musician with amazing intellectuals. He became an icon for Beat Generation and hipster subculture.

Facts about Charlie Parker

Facts about Charlie Parker

Facts about Charlie Parker 7: the early life

His parents were Charles Parker and Adelaide Bailey. He was the only child in the family. He was raised in Kansas City. Find facts about Charles Ives here.

Facts about Charlie Parker 8: the education

In September 1934, he studied at Lincoln High School. In December 1935, he left the school.

Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker

Facts about Charlie Parker 9: music

When he was 11 years old, Parker started to play saxophone. He joined the school’s band when he was 14 years old. The instrument that he used to play was rented by the school. Get facts about Celia Cruz here.

Facts about Charlie Parker 10: the figure of father

His father influenced the musical style of Parker even though he was often absent. His father was a singer, dancer and pianist.

Charlie Parker Musician

Charlie Parker Musician

Are you impressed after reading facts about Charlie Parker?

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