10 Facts about Cheam

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If you want to know the large suburban village in Sutton, England which has a lot of listed buildings, you can check Facts about Cheam. It has two primary areas. Both are the Cheam Village and North Cheam. There are several regions which share border with Cheam. Those include Morden, Sutton, Worcester Park, Belmont and Ewell. Read the below post for more information about Cheam:

Facts about Cheam 1: the listed buildings in Cheam

There are various listed buildings that you can spot when you visit Cheam. Those include Cheam Park, Nonsuch Park, the16th-century Whitehall Gallery, and Lumley Chapel. You can find Nonsuch Mansion inside the Nonsuch Park.

Facts about Cheam 2: the location of Cheam Village

If you are interested to visit Cheam Village, you have to reach the crossroad of Ewell, South Cheam, North Cheam and Sutton.

Cheam Broadway

Cheam Broadway

Facts about Cheam 3: Cheam Village Conservation Area

In 1970, Cheam Village Conservation Area was established.  You can find out various interesting buildings such as the Tudor shopping area, houses from different ages and styles and historic parkland.

Facts about Cheam 4: the shopping facilities

When you come to Cheam, you will not be disappointed since the local people decide to increase the facilities of the shopping areas.  You can go to Majestic Wine or Waitrose.

Facts about Cheam

Facts about Cheam

Facts about Cheam 5: other important industries in Cheam

Cheam also has various shops and industries. You can find banks, gift shops, high quality furniture shops, estate agents and building societies.

Facts about Cheam 6: North Cheam

The center of North Cheam is located at the crossroads of Morden, Epsom, Worcester Park and Cheam village.



Facts about Cheam 7: Victoria Junction

When you visit the center of North Cheam, you can spot Victoria Junction. It has some independent restaurants, shops, neighboring parks, Sainsbury’s supermarket, banks and post office.

Facts about Cheam 8: the hospital

The largest private hospital in North Cheam is Saint Anthony’s Hospital. Find facts about Cardiff Bay here.

Cheam Shopping

Cheam Shopping

Facts about Cheam 9: Lumley Chapel

Lumley Chapel is one of the famous buildings in Cheam. You can find out some prominent monuments in the town.  The location of the chapel is next to St Dunstan’s Church. The Churches Conservation Trust manages this chapel since it is listed as grade II building. This building is open for public even though it is also used as a place for worship. Get facts about Central Park here.

Facts about Cheam 10: Whitehall

In the center of Cheam Village, you can view Whitehall. The frame of the house is made of timber. It also has weatherboard added in 18th century. Actually it was built as a farmer’s house in 1500.

Cheam Facts

Cheam Facts

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