10 Facts about Cheaters

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The people who find an easy way using the dishonest means to solve the problems or unpleasant situation are explained on Facts about Cheaters. During the competitive situation, people often have the act of cheating to win. Therefore, they can earn advantages easily.  Cheaters are not only involved with in the academic dishonesty, but also on the marital infidelity. Check other facts about Cheaters below:

Facts about Cheaters 1: the academic examination

It is very common to spot cheating in the United States colleges and high schools. During the academic examination, the cheaters use the small cheat sheet to get good score.

Facts about Cheaters 2: the high school students

The serious test cheating was admitted by around 70 percent of the public high school students. The students who plagiarized the paper were around 60 percent of them. The rate of the cheaters in private school was lower for there were only 50 percent who admit cheating. It was based on the report of Rutgers University Professor Donald McCabe conducted in June 2005.

Cheater Pic

Cheater Pic

Facts about Cheaters 3: another report

There was another report conducted on 4500 high school students presented in McCabe’s 2001. It was stated that 74 percent high school students cheated on a test. The high students who cheated on a written work were 72 percent. The students who had copied the homework of other students or peeked at sheets of another student’s test were 97 percent.

Facts about Cheaters 4: the high tech digital

It is easier for the students to cheat due to the high tech digital information. They can copy various papers from the internet.



Facts about Cheaters 5: the form of cheating

There are several forms of cheating. It can be online, emotional or even physical. Get facts about best friends here.

Facts about Cheaters 6: the online infidelity

The online infidelity is very common today due to the increasing era of technology. People can meet the significant other on facebook, instagram or even twitter.



Facts about Cheaters 7: the cheaters in personal relationship

Cheating in personal relationship is seen when one or both parties break the commitment to be faithful to the partner. Get facts about arranged marriage here.

Facts about Cheaters 8: cheaters in sports

When there are cheaters on sport, they will always get the attention from the media especially for the high profile athletes.

Cheaters facts

Cheaters facts

Facts about Cheaters 9: breaking the rules in sport

The athletes are considered cheaters if they break the rules and customs. For instance, they take doping to enhance the performance in the field.

Facts about Cheaters 10: the famous case of alleged doping

If you want to know the famous alleged doping cheating, you need to check the case of Lance Armstrong. He was the famous cyclist.

Facts about Cheaters

Facts about Cheaters

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