10 Facts about Cheddar Gorge

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If you want a perfect destination to visit when you are in Somerset, England, check Facts about Cheddar Gorge. It is one of the most popular places in the area. The location is in Mendip Hills. It is near Cheddar Village. The Cheddar Man was found in this site. It is considered as the oldest complete human skeleton in Britain found in Cheddar show caves in the gorge. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Cheddar Gorge by reading the following post below:

Facts about Cheddar Gorge 1: the cheddar man

In 1903, the Cheddar Man was found in the site. The age is estimated around 9,000 years old.

Facts about Cheddar Gorge 2: the caves

The caves in Cheddar Gorge are very popular. You can view the magnificent stalagmites and stalactites located inside the caves. They are made due to the underground river’s activity.

Cheddar Gorge Beauty

Cheddar Gorge Beauty

Facts about Cheddar Gorge 3: Cheddar Complex

Have you ever heard about Cheddar Complex? It is the Site of the Special Scientific Interest. The gorge is considered as a part of this complex.

Facts about Cheddar Gorge 4: the popular tourist destination

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the area is Cheddar Gorge. You can find caves and other fabulous places of interest.

Facts about Cheddar Gorge

Facts about Cheddar Gorge

Facts about Cheddar Gorge 5: the natural wonder

The second greatest natural wonder in Britain was grabbed by Cheddar Gorge based on the Radio Times readers’ poll conducted in 2005.  It was aired in Seven Natural Wonders TV program in 2005. The first position was taken by Dan yr Ogof caves.

Facts about Cheddar Gorge 6: the visitors

Due to the popularity of Cheddar Gorge, there is no need to wonder that the annual visitors for this attraction are around 500,000 people.

Cheddar Gorge Pic

Cheddar Gorge Pic

Facts about Cheddar Gorge 7: the species

There are various species that you can spot in Cheddar Gorge. They include slow worms, yellow necked mice, dormice, blue butterfly, buzzards, peregrine falcons, ravens, kestrel and many more. Check facts about Buckfast Abbey here.

Facts about Cheddar Gorge 8: the flora in Cheddar Gorge

You can see various interesting flora in Cheddar Gorge. They are firewitch, whitebeam, wild thyme, marjoram, Cheddar bedstraw, robin geranium, slender tare, rock stonecrop, dwarf mouse-ear and many more.

Cheddar Gorge Facts

Cheddar Gorge Facts

Facts about Cheddar Gorge 9: whitebeams

Whitebeams are considered as the important species found in Cheddar Gorge.  It is considered as the prominent site for the flowers. Get facts about Cheam here.

Facts about Cheddar Gorge 10: the caves for public visit

Cheddar Gorge had two main caves that the public visits.  You can go to Cox’s Cave and Gough’s Cave.

Cheddar Gorge

Cheddar Gorge

Are you impressed after reading facts about Cheddar Gorge?

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