10 Facts about Cheese

Tuesday, November 24th 2015. | Culinary

Facts about Cheese inform you with the famous food in the world.   The food is made of milk. The cheese is available in various flavors, tastes, forms and textures. The people can create cheese by using the milk of goats, sheep, cows and buffalo.  Cheese is considered as the main source of fat and proteins. Here are some interesting facts about cheese below:

Facts about Cheese 1: the types of cheeses

The types of cheeses produced in world are various. It can be seen from the processing, bacteria, mold, butterfat content or even aging of the cheese.

Facts about Cheese 2: the flavoring agents

The flavor of cheese is not monotonous. There are many types of flavoring agents used to produce cheese such as wood, spices and herbs.

Cheese Process

Cheese Process

Facts about Cheese 3: the red or yellow colored cheese

If the people want to have the yellow or red cheeses, it usually filled with annatto. The famous example of the red cheese is Red Leicester.

Facts about Cheese 4: the ingredients

The ingredients are often added on the cheese to make it different.  You can add chives, black pepper, cranberries or even garlic. In some cases, lemon juice or vinegar is added on the cheese.

Cheese Types

Cheese Types

Facts about Cheese 5: the value of cheese

Many people love to eat cheese because of its wonderful values. It can be the source of phosphorus, calcium, protein and milk. Compared to milk, it has longer life. It is more portable since you can store it easily at home.

Facts about Cheese 6: the longevity of cheese

The longevity of cheese depends on the type of cheese. Usually it can last for three to five days after you open the package.

Cheese Facts

Cheese Facts

Facts about Cheese 7: the hard or soft cheese

If you want cheese with longer life, you can choose the hard cheese. The soft cheese cannot last longer. The soft cheeses include goat’s milk cheese, while the hard cheese includes parmesan cheese. Find facts about cake decorating here.

Facts about Cheese 8: how to store the cheese

The people are still in debate about the best way to store and keep cheese. But many people state that the cheese stored inside the paper is the best one.

Facts about Cheese

Facts about Cheese

Facts about Cheese 9: cheesemonger

Who is cheesemonger? He or she is the specialist seller of cheese. It is not easy to become a cheesemonger since you need to study hard. You have to involve with years of tasting and get formal education. Get facts about cheddar cheese here.

Facts about Cheese 10: cheesecake

You can eat cheese as the topping of the cakes or bread. You can use it as the main ingredient for cheesecake.



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