10 Facts about Cheetahs

Tuesday, November 24th 2015. | Animals

If you want to know the animal which can run with the top speed around 68 to 75 miles per hour, you have to check Facts about Cheetahs. The scientific name for this fast animal is Acinonyx jubatus. You can spot them living in Africa and some areas of Iran. This big cat is famous due to the faster speed if you compare it other land animals. Here are other interesting facts about cheetah to note:

Facts about Cheetahs 1: the acceleration rate

Cheetah can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour or zero to 96 km per hour within 3 seconds. In a short burst, it can reach the distance around 1,640 feet or 500 meter.

Facts about Cheetahs 2: the close relationships

Cheetahs have the close relationship with jaguarundi and puma. Both of them are from America. Get facts about Cecil the Lion here.

Cheetah Facts

Cheetah Facts

Facts about Cheetahs 3: the paws

The paws of cheetahs are unique for they are semi retractable.  Not all felids have the type of claws. It will use the dewclaw to trap the prey like hares and antelope.

Facts about Cheetahs 4: the main defense mechanism of cheetah

The only defense mechanism that cheetah has is the fast speed.  It can run if there is a big predator. Find out cave lion facts here.

Cheetahs and Cubs

Cheetahs and Cubs

Facts about Cheetahs 5: the cubs

There are up to nine cubs in a litter produced by cheetah in the wild. Therefore, the animals earn the title as a prolific breeder. But not all of them can survive until adulthood due to the high risk of predation from the bigger animals.

Facts about Cheetahs 6: the threats for the survival of cheetahs

Cheetahs face various problems in the environment which decrease its population. The threats include the conflict with human beings, loss of prey, loss of habitat, competition with other carnivores and illegal pet trade. It is listed as a vulnerable animal.

Cheetahs Speed

Cheetahs Speed

Facts about Cheetahs 7: the habitat

Cheetahs like to live in open and dry regions. You can spot them in the grasslands, savannahs, steppes, clayey deserts, light woodlands and acacia scrubs.

Facts about Cheetahs 8: the African and Asian cheetahs

The Asian cheetahs can be seen living in the dense forest in India, while the African cheetahs do not like with dense forest.

Facts about Cheetahs

Facts about Cheetahs

Facts about Cheetahs 9: the female cheetahs

The female cheetahs prefer the solitary life. They will raise the cubs without a help from the male cheetahs. The cubs will be left by the mother when they are 18 months old.

Facts about Cheetahs 10: the male cheetahs

The male cheetahs have the social life. They will create a group to get the animal territory.



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