10 Facts about Chelmsford

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Facts about Chelmsford tell you about a town located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  It was inhabited by 33,802 people based on the census in 2010 in United States.  The median age for the people who lived in the town was 39.2 years old. The male in the town occupied 48.4 percent from the whole population. Here are other interesting Facts about Chelmsford to note:

Facts about Chelmsford 1: the location

Let’s find out the exact location of Chelmsford.   It is 39 kilometer or 24 miles northwest of Boston. Chelmsford is included in Greater Lowell metropolitan area. There are four towns located around Chelmsford.  You can find Carlisle to the south, Tyngsborough to the north, Westford to the west and Billerica to the southeast.

Facts about Chelmsford 2:the rivers

There are two rivers bordering Chelmsford. Both are the Concord River to the east and Merrimack River to the north.

Chelmsford Town

Chelmsford Town

Facts about Chelmsford 3: the name

Chelmsford was named after Chelmsford located in England. The Massachusetts General Court issued an act in May 1655 which made the town incorporated.

Facts about Chelmsford 4: the local economy

The local economy in Chelmsford depended on the kilns, limestone quarries and lumber mills.



Facts about Chelmsford 5: the American Revolution

During the American Revolution, Chelmsford militia participated and contributed in various battles such as during the Battle of Bunker Hill and Battle of Lexington and Concord.

Facts about Chelmsford 6: the increased population

Between in 1950 and 1970, the population of Chelmsford increased drastically. It probably had something to do with the presence of Route 3 in Lowell to Massachusetts Route 128. This connection was established in 1950. In 1960s, U.S. Route 3 from Chelmsford to New Hampshire was extended.

Chelmsford Pic

Chelmsford Pic

Facts about Chelmsford 7: Paul Cohen

Paul Cohen is the current town manager. Talking about the education, Chelmsford High School is one of the top schools in United States. Check facts about Charleston SC here.

Facts about Chelmsford 8: a good place to live

Money magazine picked Chelmsford as the 28th best place to live in the country based on the report in 2011.

Chelmsford Facts

Chelmsford Facts

Facts about Chelmsford 9: the historic places in Chelmsford

There are various historic places in Chelmsford. Those include Oliver Hutchins House, Hildreth-Robbins House, Chelmsford Center Historic District, North Town Hall, Barrett-Byam Homestead, Middlesex Canal and Fiske House. Get facts about Canterbury here.

Facts about Chelmsford 10: the notable people

Some of the notable people from Chelmsford include Josiah Gardner Abbott, George Condo, Gerry Callahan, Keith Aucoin, Bill Cooke and many more.

Facts about Chelmsford

Facts about Chelmsford

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