10 Facts about Chelsea

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If you really like sport, you need to check Facts about Chelsea. It is famous with the Chelsea football club. This club plays in the Premier League. It is the most prestigious league in United Kingdom. The base for this professional football club is in Fulham, London. Chelsea football club was established in 1905. Get more interesting facts about Chelsea by reading the following post below:

Facts about Chelsea 1: the home ground

If you are a fan of Chelsea, you must know the home ground. It is located at Stamford Bridge Stadium.  It has 41,663 seats.

Facts about Chelsea 2: the successful football club

Chelsea is considered as one of the most successful football clubs in the history. In 1955, the club won the league championship. It was considered as the first success. In 1965 until 1990, there were several competitions that this club won. Find facts about Brazil football here.

Chelsea Facts

Chelsea Facts

Facts about Chelsea 3: the trophies collected by Chelsea

Since 1997, this English football club had collected 17 major trophies. This club also had a very large fan base. Get facts about Cesc Fabregas here.

Facts about Chelsea 4: the domestic record of Chelsea

Let’s find out the domestic winning records of Chelsea. The club earned seven FA Cups, five league titles, and 4 FA Community shields.

Chelsea Players

Chelsea Players

Facts about Chelsea 5: the winning records for the continental competition

What about the continental winning records for Chelsea? This club earned one UEFA Super Cup, two UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups, one UEFA Champions League and one UEFA Europe League.

Facts about Chelsea 6: the color of Chelsea

If you check the uniform of Chelsea’s players, you will know the color of this club. It has white socks with royal blue shirts and shorts.  The crest of Chelsea has been altered for time to time to modernize the image of the club.



Facts about Chelsea 7: the current crest

The current crest of Chelsea shows you a ceremonial lion rampant. In the beginning of 1950s, this crest was introduced. The today crest is only the modified version.

Facts about Chelsea 8: the attendance

Since Chelsea is a popular club in United Kingdom, there is no need to wonder that it has great attendance.  It was reported that it earned 41,546 spectators in its home gate in 2014/2015 season.

Facts about Chelsea

Facts about Chelsea

Facts about Chelsea 9: Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich has been the owner of Chelsea since July 2003.

Facts about Chelsea 10: the worth of this club

Forbes Magazine ranked Chelsea in the 6th place of the most valuable football club in the world in May 2015. It had the worth at $1.37 billion or £898 million.

Chelsea Pic

Chelsea Pic

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