10 Facts about Chemical Energy

Thursday, November 26th 2015. | Science

Facts about Chemical Energy present the information about the bonds of chemical compounds. The tiny atoms make up every single item that you can find on earth and universe. If you look at a pin head, do you know that it probably is made of millions of atoms? Check other interesting facts about chemical energy by reading the following post below:

Facts about Chemical Energy 1: when is the chemical energy released?

The chemical energy will be released if there is a chemical reaction. The reaction can be used to convert the raw material into the useful form of product.

Facts about Chemical Energy 2: the importance of chemical energy

The chemical energy is very important in the life of human beings. The everyday life style will not function well without chemical energy. The people will need this energy to run the car, heat the house, and cook food. The body of living organism also needs chemical energy.

Chemical Energy Fire

Chemical Energy Fire

Facts about Chemical Energy 3: the usage of chemical energy

If you want to know the simplest form of the usage of chemical energy, you can check the log fire. When the wooden logs are on fire, they will release the energy and make the surrounding warmers. There are two kinds of energy produced by the log fires. Both are the thermal or heat energy and light energy.

Facts about Chemical Energy 4: food

Food is also considered as a chemical energy. The living organisms need food to survive. When you are hungry, you eat food. During the digestion process, the food will release the energy.

Chemical Energy Pic

Chemical Energy Pic

Facts about Chemical Energy 5: the energy from the food

You can measure the energy gained from food in kilocalories. Each person has to be aware with the amount of calories that they have to take every single day. If you are intended to eat snack from the supermarket, check the calorie label. By having the right calories, you keep the body energized and active.

Facts about Chemical Energy 6: exothermic reaction

Exothermic reaction is used to call the chemical reaction which produces heat.

Chemical Energy and Heat

Chemical Energy and Heat

Facts about Chemical Energy 7: the example of exothermic reaction

The best example of exothermic reaction is when you burn wood inside the fireplace. Get facts about alternative fuels here.

Facts about Chemical Energy 8: electrical energy

Do you know that chemical energy can be converted into electrical energy? It can be seen when people convert coal into electricity.

Facts about Chemical Energy

Facts about Chemical Energy

Facts about Chemical Energy 9: battery

Battery is also another example for the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy. Find battery facts here.

Facts about Chemical Energy 10: the bonds

The bonds keep the energy. The chemical energy will be released if the bonds are broken.

Chemical Energy

Chemical Energy

Are you impressed after reading facts about chemical energy?

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