10 Facts about Chemical Warfare

Friday, November 27th 2015. | Military

Facts about Chemical Warfare explain the usage of chemical substances or toxic properties as weapons during the war. In the past, the phosgene gas and chlorine gas was used during the war. Actually the usage of chemical substance in the battle or war was not effective. The first one which employed the usage of chemical warfare was Germany. Check other interesting facts about chemical warfare below:

Facts about Chemical Warfare 1: the usage of chemical warfare by Germany

Germany used the chemical warfare by opening the canisters of chlorine. It used the wind to spread the gas to the opposite side.

Facts about Chemical Warfare 2: the usage of chemical warfare by France

France began to use the chemical warfare by having phosgene gas in their artillery munitions.  The modification that the French employed on the munitions was more effective. Get facts about chemical energy here.

Chemical Warfare facts

Chemical Warfare facts

Facts about Chemical Warfare 3: the development and research

Many countries were interested to develop and do research related to the chemical weapons. There were four categories which had something to do with the development and research of chemical warfare. They are focused on the accurate means to detect the chemical agents, the development of defense mechanism against the chemical weapon, the usage of efficient method for dissemination and the development for the new deadly chemical weapons.

Facts about Chemical Warfare 4: chemical warfare agent

Chemical warfare agent or CWA is considered as the chemical used for warfare purpose.

Chemical Warfare Image

Chemical Warfare Image

Facts about Chemical Warfare 5: the types of chemical weapons

During 20th and 21st centuries, there were around 70 types of chemicals which had been used by the nations as the chemical warfare agents.

Facts about Chemical Warfare 6: the forms of chemical warfare agents

There are three major forms of chemical warfare agents. It can be in the form of solid, gas or liquid material.

Facts about Chemical Warfare

Facts about Chemical Warfare

Facts about Chemical Warfare 7: the volatile chemical agent

The volatile chemical agent is more preferable to use in the battle for it can spread easily. The liquid one is said to have higher volatility. Find facts about atomic bombs here.

Facts about Chemical Warfare 8: the target of chemical agent

The usage of chemical agent was to attack the target from the clothing and skin. Therefore, it was useless for the target wearing the protective gas masks since the agent can attack them through the skin.

Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Facts about Chemical Warfare 9: mustard gas

The mustard gas was used by the Germans in July 1917. The fabric and leather can be penetrated easily using this gas. Get facts about biological warfare here.

Facts about Chemical Warfare 10: inert agents

The chemical weapons can be included as inert agents.   They fall in four types. Those are nerve, blood, blister and choking.

Chemical Warfare Picture

Chemical Warfare Picture

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