10 Facts about Chepstow Castle

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One of the famous castles in Europe is explained on Facts about Chepstow Castle. The people who come to the castle are very impressed with the old castle doors and scenery of the building.  If you are interested to visit the castle, you just have to go to Chepstow in Wales.   In Britain, this castle features the oldest surviving post-Roman stone fortification. When you are in the castle, you can view River Wye clearly. Check other interesting facts about Chepstow Castle below:

Facts about Chepstow Castle 1: the construction of Chepstow Castle

Lord William fitzOsbern was the Norman who gave the instruction to construct the castle. On 6 December 1950, the ruins of Chepstow Castle were included in the list of Grade I building.

Facts about Chepstow Castle 2: the strategic location

Chepstow Castle is strategic for it is located between a valley that people called as the Deel and the limestone river cliff.

Chepstow Castle Image

Chepstow Castle Image

Facts about Chepstow Castle 3: is it a strong castle?

Chepstow Castle is not a strong castle even though it is equipped with four baileys. It is due to the fact that the castle does not have a concentric layout or even a strong keep.

Facts about Chepstow Castle 4: the architectural studies of Chepstow Castle

Chepstow Castle is an important subject to study. In 1904, Chepstow Castle received a serious architectural style. In 1955, Perks presented the canonical description on the castle.

Chepstow Castle Facts

Chepstow Castle Facts

Facts about Chepstow Castle 5: The Great Tower

One of the important features in Chepstow Castle is the Great Tower. In 1090, the construction of the tower probably ended. This tower was not made of wood. But stone was used as the main material.  Most castles at that time always featured the wooden tower. It means that Chepstow Castle was special.

Facts about Chepstow Castle 6: the name

The original name of this castle was Striguil. It was a Norman name taken from ystraigl, a Welsh word. It has the meaning river bend.  In the later years, it was recognized as Chepstow castle.

Chepstow Castle Pic

Chepstow Castle Pic

Facts about Chepstow Castle 7: the fortifications

In 1190s, Earl of Pembroke, William Marshal added extra fortifications on Chepstow Castle. Get Facts about Carrickfergus Castle here.

Facts about Chepstow Castle 8: the door

The door in Chepstow Castle is very famous since it was dated back in 1159-1589. It was made of wood.

Chepstow Castle

Chepstow Castle

Facts about Chepstow Castle 9: what did Marshal build in the castle?

There were various things that Marshal built such as the Upper Bailey defenses, present main gatehouse and round towers. Get facts about castles here.

Facts about Chepstow Castle 10: Chepstow Castle today

Today, people can visit Chepstow Castle. It is one of the popular destinations. The visitors can explore the castle and enjoy the special events held in this castle.

Facts about Chepstow Castle

Facts about Chepstow Castle

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