10 Facts about Cherokee

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Find out the interesting information about the Native American indigenous tribe on Facts about Cherokee. This tribe speaks an Iroquoian language called Cherokee. They were native to the southeastern of United States which include in the areas in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Here are some interesting facts about Cherokee to note:

Facts about Cherokee 1: the oral tradition

Based on the oral tradition of Cherokee, the ethnographers and historians find out that this tribe migrated to the south in 19th century.  It was believed that they were from Great Lakes region.

Facts about Cherokee 2: the civilized tribe

Cherokee is considered one of the Five Civilized Tribes based on the point of view of the European settlers in United States in 19th century. It is due to the fact that this tribe could apply the technology and culture.

Cherokee History

Cherokee History

Facts about Cherokee 3: the United States citizens

One of the first non European people who became the United States citizens was Cherokee. This tribe wished to become the citizens of United States based on Article 8 in 1817 treaty.

Facts about Cherokee 4: the Cherokee people in United States

There were around 314,000 members of Cherokee nation based on the report in 2010 census conducted in United States.

Cherokee Culture

Cherokee Culture

Facts about Cherokee 5: the Cherokee heritage

There were around 819,000 people who stated that they had Cherokee heritage or lineage.

Facts about Cherokee 6: UKB

UKB stands for United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians.  The base for this federally recognized United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians tribe is located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Most members in UKB were the Old Settlers. In 1817, these people migrated to Oklahoma and Arkansas. They had a relation with Cherokee who were moved due to the Indian Removal Act in 1830s.

Facts about Cherokee

Facts about Cherokee

Facts about Cherokee 7: Cherokee Nation

The expansion of Cherokee Nation is impressive. These people enjoy great prosperity, equality, and economic growth. Get facts about Aztec culture.

Facts about Cherokee 8: the leadership of Cherokee Nation

Bill John Baker is the principal chief of the Cherokee nation. Under his leadership, the members of this nation were able to have a great deal of business in agriculture, real estate and corporate business.

Cherokee Picture

Cherokee Picture

Facts about Cherokee 9: the controls

There are various organizations and industries controlled by Cherokee Nation such as Cherokee Nation Businesses, Cherokee Nation Industries and Cherokee Nation Entertainment. Get facts about Cherokee culture here.

Facts about Cherokee 10: jobs

Cherokee Nation also holds the responsibility to give more jobs for the Cherokee citizens in eastern Oklahoma.

Cherokee People

Cherokee People

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