10 Facts about Cherries

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Facts about Cherries present the interesting facts about the fruits. It is included in genus Prunus. You can choose the sweet cherry which has the scientific name Prunus avium. The term cherry can be used to call cherry tree. The wild cherry is used to call Prunus avium in Britain.  The texture of this cherry is smooth and soft. Here are interesting facts about cherries:

Facts about Cherries 1: the species

There are various species of cherries that you can find in various parts of the world. You can find three species in Europe, two species of America, and other species in Asia.

Facts about Cherries 2: the leaves

The leaves of cherry trees are bigger if they only receive the sunlight. If the sunlight is high, the leaves are thick. Get facts about cakes here.

Cherries Recipe

Cherries Recipe

Facts about Cherries 3: the eating cherries

The people who want to get the edible cherries can plant Prunus cerasus, the sour cherry and Prunus avium. The latter one is wild cherry or sweet cherry. Find facts about cheese here.

Facts about Cherries 4: the sweet cherry

The sweet cherry can be found in various parts of the world such as northern Africa, western Asia, and most parts of Europe. Since the prehistoric time, this sweet cherry had been consumed by the people.



Facts about Cherries 5: who brought cherry?

Lucius Licinius Lucullus was considered as the person who carried the cultivated cherry and apricot to Rome.

Facts about Cherries 6: the importance of cherry

Cherry is very important for the wild life. The caterpillars often get the food by eating cherry trees. Cherry can be used for cooking too. But the price of the edible cherries is expensive due to the high demands. It is a bit difficult for the farmer to cultivate cherries due to the labor, spraying and irrigation.

Cherries Picture

Cherries Picture

Facts about Cherries 7: how to harvest cherries

Cherries can be harvested in two ways. You can do hand picking. It is considered as the best method for you can avoid damages on the trees and cherry. The second way to harvest is by employing a mechanized shaker.

Facts about Cherries 8: Cherry Capital of Australia

The title Cherry Capital of Australia is taken by Young. It is the town in New South Wales. The town houses the National Cherry Festival.

Facts about Cherries

Facts about Cherries

Facts about Cherries 9: nutritional value

The nutritional value of cherries is high. It contains vitamin A, beta-carotene, Thiamine, Pantothenic acid, Niacin, Vitamin B6, and many more.

Facts about Cherries 10: the species

There are various species of cherries. Those include Prunus cerasus L, Prunus canescens Bois, Prunus campanulata Maxim, and Prunus caroliniana Aiton.

Cherries Cake

Cherries Cake

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