10 Facts about Cherry Blossoms

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Those who are interested to know the beautiful flowers in the world should read Facts about Cherry Blossoms.  Some people often called it Japanese cherry or sakura flowers. The flowers are from various trees in genus Prunus. The flowers are charming and beautiful.  You can find them in various countries which have temperate climate like China, Japan, Europe, India, West Siberia, United States, Canada and Korea. Get more facts about cherry blossom below:

Facts about Cherry Blossoms 1: the varieties of cherry blossom

Due to the modern technology, people can get a wide array of cherry blossom varieties. Most of them are not grown to bear fruit for the ornament purposes.

Facts about Cherry Blossoms 2: the edible cherry

If you want to get the edible cherry by planting cherry blossom tree, you can choose Prunus cerasus or Prunus avium.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Facts about Cherry Blossoms 3: the relation of cherry blossom

You can relate cherry blossoms with other trees such as apricot, plum, peach and almond. They are also included as Prunus trees. Cherry blossom has distant relation with roses, apples and pears.

Facts about Cherry Blossoms 4: Hanami

One of the engaging activities that you can do when the sakura flowers are blooming is picnicking under the trees. It is called Hanami in Japan. It has been practiced more than centuries ago.   During the Nara period in 710-794, people began this custom since they were amazed with the beauty of cherry blossoms. Get facts about celery here.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Facts about Cherry Blossoms 5: the custom of hanami

At first, the custom of hanami by picnicking under the cherry trees was only conducted by the elite people. In the later period, the common people also do it.

Facts about Cherry Blossoms 6: the picnic activities

When people have picnic under the cherry blossom trees, they will drink sake and have lunch. They can do it with family or friends. Get facts about cacao trees here.

Cherry Blossoms Season

Cherry Blossoms Season

Facts about Cherry Blossoms 7: the blossoming time

In January, the people in Okinawa can spot the blossoming time of cherry flowers. At the end of March or early April, the blossoming cherry can be seen in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Facts about Cherry Blossoms 8: Hanami festivals

The Japanese people celebrate the Hanami festivals to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossom in the country.

Facts about Cherry Blossoms

Facts about Cherry Blossoms

Facts about Cherry Blossoms 9: the public building

If you are in Japan, it is very easy for you to catch the look of cherry blossom. There are many public buildings and schools which have cherry blossom at the front yard.

Facts about Cherry Blossoms 10: the varieties of cherry blossoms

Some of the species of cherry blossoms include Prunus pendula, Prunus serrulata, Prunus campanulata, Prunus verecunda and Prunus sargentii.

Cherry Blossoms Facts

Cherry Blossoms Facts

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