10 Facts about Cheshire

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Get the interesting information about the county located in North West England on Facts about Cheshire. This county is mostly rural. Chester is the county town here.  It also has various other towns such as Winsford, Widnes, Ellesmere Port, Congleton, Runcorn, Macclesfield and many more.  If you want to know the economy, land area, history and industry in Cheshire, read the below post in detail.

Facts about Cheshire 1: the population and area of Cheshire

Cheshire is inhabited by around 1 million people.  The county spans on 905 square miles or 2,343 square km.

Facts about Cheshire 2: the agricultural sector

The agricultural sector is very important in Cheshire.  The small villages and towns produce various agricultural products such as silk, cheese, salt and milk. Get facts about Catalonia here.

Cheshire Farm

Cheshire Farm

Facts about Cheshire 3: the economy in Cheshire

The economy in Cheshire not only depends on the agricultural sector.  The financial services, biotechnology, automotive, tourism, food and drink and chemical are important too.

Facts about Cheshire 4: chemical industry

Cheshire is famous due to the chemical industry. It was dated back during the Roman era. The salt mining is very important for the industry in Cheshire. The locations of salt mining are in Northwich and Middlewich. Due to the presence of salt mining, the chemical industry in Cheshire flourishes. The chemical companies in the county include Ineos and Brunner Mond. Get facts about Chester here.

Cheshire Facts

Cheshire Facts

Facts about Cheshire 5: Crewe

The center of the railway industry in Britain once was located in Crewe. In 1840, there were 20,000 people worked in Crewe railway. Now there are less than 1,000 people who work here.

Facts about Cheshire 6: the car manufacturing

Cheshire is also famous due to the car manufacturing. The manufacturing plants for Jaguar and Vauxhall Motors are located in Cheshire. Bentley Car company is situated in Crewe.



Facts about Cheshire 7: Tourism

The tourism in Cheshire is flourished today. There are many local and international visitors in the county. Based on the report in 2003, there were 2.8 million people who visited Cheshire.

Facts about Cheshire 8: the growth of business

There were four sectors developed in Cheshire in 2002 until 2003.  They were business services, construction, hotel and restaurants and public administration and other services.

Facts about Cheshire

Facts about Cheshire

Facts about Cheshire 9: the notable athletes and sportsmen

There are various athletes and sportsmen who come from Cheshire. Those include Seth Johnson, Michael Owen, Dean Ashton, Wayne Rooney, Djibril Cissé and Angel di Maria.

Facts about Cheshire 10: the popular writers

Cheshire also produces several notable writers. They are Alan Garner, Hall Caine, and Lewis Carroll.

Cheshire County

Cheshire County

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