10 Facts about Chester Cathedral

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Facts about Chester Cathedral show you the interesting information about the famous Church of England cathedral. The location of this church is at Chester, Cheshire, England. It is considered as the mother church Diocese of Chester. The cathedral was built to honor Saint Werburgh. Once, the people used it as the abbey church of Benedictine monastery.  Now Chester Cathedral is used for Christ and Virgin Mary. Check other interesting facts about Chester Cathedral below:

Facts about Chester Cathedral 1: Bishop of Chester

Chester Cathedral is used as the home for Bishop of Chester since 1541.

Facts about Chester Cathedral 2: the importance of Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral is very important in the country. It is included in Grade I listed building. The construction of this cathedral can be traced back in 1093 and the beginning of 16th century. It received various restorations. Since the Roman time, people used the cathedral for Christian worship.

Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral

Facts about Chester Cathedral 3: the present building

If you look at the present building of Chester Cathedral, you will be impressed since it has various architectural designs such as Perpendicular, Norman, and English medieval design.

Facts about Chester Cathedral 4: the extensive restoration

The extensive restoration in the building took place in 19th century. In 10th century, the cathedral had a free standing bell tower.

Chester Cathedral Pictures

Chester Cathedral Pictures

Facts about Chester Cathedral 5: tourism

Today, people can visit Chester Cathedral since it is one of the main tourism objects in the city of Chester, Cheshire.

Facts about Chester Cathedral 6: a venue

There are various exhibitions and concerts held in the cathedral as the venue. Another activity conducted here includes the services for the Christian worship. Find facts about Cheshire here.

Chester Cathedral Interior

Chester Cathedral Interior

Facts about Chester Cathedral 7: the interior of Chester cathedral

Let’s find out the interior of Chester Cathedral. The sandstone on the interior presents the pinkish look which creates the mellow and warm feeling.

Facts about Chester Cathedral 8: the library

This cathedral has a library. It was relocated and refurbished in 2000s. In September 2007, the library was reopened. Get facts about Chester here.

Chester Cathedral Interior

Chester Cathedral Interior

Facts about Chester Cathedral 9: the choir

A set of choir stalls dated back in 1380 is considered as the most notable feature of choir in Chester cathedral. The other well known features are the candlesticks dated back in 17th century and lectern dated back in the 1st half of 17th century.

Facts about Chester Cathedral 10: the music

Philip Rushforth is the director of music in Chester cathedral. Benjamin Chewter is the assistant director of music.

Facts about Chester Cathedral

Facts about Chester Cathedral

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