10 Facts about Chewing Tobacco

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A type of smokeless tobacco product is explained on Facts about Chewing Tobacco.  This product is not for swallowing. You can take it by consuming the small portion of this tobacco and chew it. Chewing tobacco and dipping tobacco are very different. To get the nicotine and flavor, you can have to crush the chewing tobacco using the teeth. You can expectorate or spat the unwanted juices when you take this chewing tobacco. Here are some interesting facts about chewing tobacco to note:

Facts about Chewing Tobacco 1: the varieties of chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is produced in a lot of varieties. If you want to take the loose leaf tobacco condensed with a sweetener, you can choose the plug one. The tobacco bits or bites are made in pellets. The scrap is made in loose leaf chewing tobacco.

Facts about Chewing Tobacco 2: how to produce the modern chewing tobacco

There are various processes to create the chewing tobacco. The product will have leaf curing, process of sweetening, fermentation and cutting.

Chewing Tobacco Facts

Chewing Tobacco Facts

Facts about Chewing Tobacco 3: cigar clippings

During the American civil war, there were various cigar clippings produced for the American chewing tobacco brands.

Facts about Chewing Tobacco 4: smoking cessation programs

It is recommended that during smoking cessation programs chewing tobacco was used. Therefore, the exposure of smoker to the carcinogens could be decreased. However, there was a report which stated that chewing tobacco can increase the rate of having oral cancer and leukoplakia due to the oral and spit tobacco. Find facts about cancer here.

Chewing Tobacco Picture

Chewing Tobacco Picture

Facts about Chewing Tobacco 5: cancer

Chewing tobacco has been associated with the presence of cancer related to throat and mouth. Get facts about cancer research here.

Facts about Chewing Tobacco 6: the most popular type of chewing tobacco

The most popular type of chewing tobacco used by the people is in loose leaf form. In most cases, this shredded tobacco leaf contains sweetener or flavor. The average weight of the loose left tobacco product sold in the store is around 3oz. it is packaged in a sealed pouch.

Chewing Tobacco Products

Chewing Tobacco Products

Facts about Chewing Tobacco 7: the common brand of loose leaf chewing tobacco

The famous brands of loose leaf chewing tobacco include Stoker’s, Beechnut, Levi Garrett and Red Man.

Facts about Chewing Tobacco 8: the sticky texture

The texture of loose leaf chewing tobacco is very sticky. It is due to the added sweetener in the product.

Chewing Tobacco

Chewing Tobacco

Facts about Chewing Tobacco 9: the plug tobacco

The plug tobacco is not popular.  It is not easy to find it. You can get the plug tobacco from the various brands such as Levi Garrett Plug, Days Works and Cannon Ball.

Facts about Chewing Tobacco 10: Twist chewing tobacco

Another type of chewing tobacco is made in twist chewing tobacco. The favorite brands include Warren County, Cumberland and Cotton Boll.

Facts about Chewing Tobacco

Facts about Chewing Tobacco

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