10 Facts about Cheyenne

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The most populous city in Wyoming, United States is explained on Facts about Cheyenne. It also serves as the capital of the state. Based on 2010 census, Cheyenne was inhabited by 59,466 people. There were around 91,738 people who lived in Wyoming Metropolitan Area of Cheyenne. The location of this city is on Dry Creek and Crow Creek. Get more facts about Cheyenne by reading the following post below:

Facts about Cheyenne 1: Cheyenne Parks and Recreation Department

There are various entertainments that you can find in Cheyenne. Most of them are operated by Cheyenne Parks and Recreation Department. Those include paddle boat rentals in Lions Park, an Ice and Events center, Youth Activity Center, and forestry operations.

Facts about Cheyenne 2: “Trail Town USA”

National Park service and the American Hiking Society called Cheyenne as Trail Town USA in 1996. It was due to the greenway in city.

Cheyenne City

Cheyenne City

Facts about Cheyenne 3: The Cheyenne Warriors

The famous sport club in the city is the Cheyenne Warriors. This professional football league team played in APFL for a season. In May 2013, it was folded after the team played several games in New Developmental Football League.

Facts about Cheyenne 4: the famous landmarks

Can you mention some famous landmarks in Cheyenne? Those include Nagle Warren Mansion, Wyoming State Capitol and F.E. Warren Air Force Base. The latter one is considered as one of the oldest active installations in United States.

Cheyenne Facts

Cheyenne Facts

Facts about Cheyenne 5: the educational institution in Cheyenne

You can find LCCC or Laramie County Community College. The students can attend this college to pursue higher education.

Facts about Cheyenne 6: the economy

The economy of Cheyenne is centered on the government.  The downtown of Cheyenne is occupied by various offices of Wyoming.  Most people are employed by Wyoming National Guard, or even Air Force United States.

Cheyenne Facts

Cheyenne Facts

Facts about Cheyenne 7: data centers

There are various data centers which like to have their offices in Cheyenne. It due to the abundant electricity supplies as well as the cooler summer temperature in the city. Therefore, the city is a home of a Microsoft data center and NCAR supercomputing center.

Facts about Cheyenne 8: the total area of Cheyenne

Cheyenne has the total area of 63.79 km square or 24.63 square miles. The water area is 0.28 km square, while the land area of Cheyenne is 63.51 km square. Find facts about Calgary here.

Cheyenne Pic

Cheyenne Pic

Facts about Cheyenne 9: the climate of Cheyenne

The climate of Cheyenne is semi arid. It is just like the other areas in the state of Wyoming.

Facts about Cheyenne 10: the notable for Cheyenne

There are many famous people from Cheyenne. Those include Larry Birleffi, Vernon Baker, Rich Crandall, and Harriet Elizabeth Byrd. Get facts about Chester here.



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