10 Facts about Chicago

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The city inhabited by 2.7 million people is explained on Facts about Chicago. It takes the record as the third most populous city in U.S. There are 10 million people who live in Chicago Metropolitan area. People call it as Chicagoland. The seat of Cook County is located in the city. In 1837, Chicago became a city in United States. Check other interesting facts about Chicago:

Facts about Chicago 1: the importance of Chicago

Chicago is an important city in United States. It is considered as the center of telecommunication, technology, industry, commerce, transportation and finance.

Facts about Chicago 2: the busiest airport in the world

Do you know that the busiest airport in the world is located in Chicago? It is O’Hare International Airport.

Chicago Beauty

Chicago Beauty

Facts about Chicago 3: Global Cities Index

In the report of Global Cities Index in 2014, Chicago took the seventh place. Globalization and World Cities Research Network called it as alpha global city in 2012.

Facts about Chicago 4: the economy

UBS is the global financial service company which released a report that Chicago had the 10th highest wages in the world.  Moreover, the city is ranked in the seventh place in the list of the most expensive city as of 2015.

Chicago City

Chicago City

Facts about Chicago 5: the visitors

There were around 50.2 million people who visit Chicago based on the report in 2014. They could be the domestic or even international visitors.

Facts about Chicago 6: the importance of Chicago culture

The culture of Chicago can be seen in music, comedy, theater, movies, novels, arts and photography.



Facts about Chicago 7: the nicknames

Chicago has various nicknames. People like to call it Second City or even Windy City.

Facts about Chicago 8: University of Chicago

The famous educational institution in Chicago is University of Chicago. This university is the prestigious one in the city.  There are around 9 Fields Medalists, 89 Nobel laureates, 13 billionaire graduates, 13 National Humanities Medalists, and 49 Rhodes scholars from this institution. Check facts about Cairns here.

Chicago facts

Chicago facts

Facts about Chicago 9: the places to visit in Chicago

When you are in Chicago, there are a lot of places that you can explore in the city. If you want to visit Lincoln Park Conservatory and Lincoln Park Zoo, you just have to reach Lincoln Park. If you are interested to scrutinize the contemporary art galleries in the city, you can go to River North Gallery District. The other parks that you can spot include Washington Park and Jackson Park. Get facts about Cairo here.

Facts about Chicago 10: Chicago Bulls

The most popular sport club in Chicago is Chicago Bulls. This basketball club is one of the prominent clubs in NBA.

Chicago Image

Chicago Image

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