10 Facts about Chicago Blackhawks

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If you want to know the professional ice hockey team in America, you have to check Facts about Chicago Blackhawks. Before 1986, the club was spelled Black Hawks. People simply call it the Hawks. The base of this team is located in Chicago, Illinois. This team plays for NHL or National Hockey League. Get more facts about Chicago Blackhawks by reading the following post below:

Facts about Chicago Blackhawks 1: the Stanley Cup championship

Since the first establishment of Chicago Blackhawks in 1926, there are 6 Stanley Cup Championships that this club has received.

Facts about Chicago Blackhawks 2: the Original Six of NHL

If you are a fan of NHL, you must know about the Original Six of NHL teams.  They are New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Montreal Canadiens.

Chicago Blackhawks Image

Chicago Blackhawks Image

Facts about Chicago Blackhawks 3: the home rink

United Center has been the home rink of Chicago Blackhawks since 1994. Actually the team had played inside the Chicago Stadium for 65 years before it moved to the United Center. Find facts about cheer leading here.

Facts about Chicago Blackhawks 4: the original owner of Chicago Blackhawks

Once, Frederic McLaughlin was the original owner of Chicago Blackhawks. He had this club until his death. During his ownership, there were two Stanley Cup titles that the club received.

Facts about Chicago Blackhawks

Facts about Chicago Blackhawks

Facts about Chicago Blackhawks 5: the next owner

After the death of McLaughlin in 1994, the club was under the control of Norris family. This family is also the owner of Chicago Stadium. There are several stakes in NHL teams owned by Norris family.

Facts about Chicago Blackhawks 6: James D. Norris

James D. Norris was the next owner of Chicago Blackhawks after the Norris assets were divided among the members of the family due to the death of James E. Norris in 1952. During his ownership, the club won a Stanley Cup title. Find out facts about Charles Barkley here.

Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks

Facts about Chicago Blackhawks 7: the Wirtz family

The Wirtz family was the next owner of Chicago Blackhawks after the death of James D. Norris in 1966. Then Rocky Wirtz controlled the club. Under his ownership, there are three Stanley Cups that the club gets.

Facts about Chicago Blackhawks 8: the original logo Chicago Blackhawks

The original logo of Chicago Blackhawks depicted a black and white native head in a circle. The designer was Irene Castle. She was the wife of McLaughlin. The design changes at various times.

Chicago Blackhawks Players

Chicago Blackhawks Players

Facts about Chicago Blackhawks 9: Tommy Hawk

Tommy Hawk is the mascot of Chicago Blackhawks. There are four feathers located on the hawk’s head.

Facts about Chicago Blackhawks 10: the official fight Song

The official fight song for Chicago Blackhawks is “Here Come the Hawks!” J. Swayzee was the writer of the song.

Chicago Blackhawks Logo

Chicago Blackhawks Logo

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