10 Facts about Chicago Fire

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One of the important events in United States is explained on Facts about Chicago Fire. The disaster is more popular to call under the name Great Chicago Fire.  It took place on 8 October to 10 October 1871. Great Chicago Fire is always remembered in the history of America due to the heavy cost and casualties. The fire damaged around 9 km square or 3.3 square miles of Chicago, Illinois. It took the life of 300 residents. Moreover, there were 100,000 people who lost their houses. Check other facts about Great Chicago Fire below:

Facts about Chicago Fire 1: the largest disaster

Great Chicago Fire is considered as one of the largest and deadly disasters in the history of United States. The central business district in the city was heavily destroyed.

Facts about Chicago Fire 2: Chicago today

Even though Great Chicago Fire was very bad, the economy and infrastructure in the city is quickly rebuilt. Now Chicago is considered as one of the important cities in United States. There are many industries that you can find here.

Chicago Fire Disaster

Chicago Fire Disaster

Facts about Chicago Fire 3: another fire

Actually another fire also demolished other areas like the towns north of Green bay, Wisconsin and Peshtigo, Wisconsin when Great Chicago Fire took place at night.

Facts about Chicago Fire 4: the beginning of the fire

At 9:00 pm on 8 October, the fire started. The people believe that the fire was from a small barn. The owner was O’Leary family. The barn was located at the border of alley between 137 DeKoven Street.

Chicago Fire Movie

Chicago Fire Movie

Facts about Chicago Fire 5: the first destroyed building

The first building destroyed by the fire was the shed located near the barn.

Facts about Chicago Fire 6: the exact cause

The exact cause of Chicago fire was still on debate until today.  The Chicago city officials never inform the public about the exact cause of this fire. However, people create speculation.

Chicago Fire Pic

Chicago Fire Pic

Facts about Chicago Fire 7: the most popular tale of the fire

There was a popular tale related to the cause of the Great Chicago fire. It was believed that the cow of Mrs. O’Leary caused the fire. Others believed that a group of men who gambled inside the barn of O’Leary started the fire when they knocked the lantern. Others believed that the fire was started because of the fires in the Midwest. Check bushfire facts here.

Facts about Chicago Fire 8: the building materials

Most buildings in Chicago at that time were made of wood. Thus, the fire spread quickly.

Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire

Facts about Chicago Fire 9: the fast spread of fire

Besides the wooden building, the southwest wind and drought also contributed to the quick spread of fire in the city. Get facts about Chicago here.

Facts about Chicago Fire 10: Chicago Fire Department

Chicago Fire Department had to work hard to stop the fire. At that time, there were only 185 firefighters in the fire department.

Facts about Chicago Fire

Facts about Chicago Fire

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