10 Facts about Chicken

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If you want to know more about the domesticated fowl, you can read Facts about Chicken. The scientific name of this animal is Gallus gallus domesticus. Based on the report in 2011, there were around 19 billion chickens in the world. It is considered as the common domestic animal in the world. The people have chicken due to their eggs and meat. It is considered as one of the primary sources of food. Here are other interesting facts about chicken to note:

Facts about Chicken 1: the domestication of chicken

Based on the archeological chicken bones, the domestication of chicken was traced back around 8,000 BCE in Northern China.

Facts about Chicken 2: the import of the domesticated chicken

By the 5th century, the chicken was imported to Lydia and Greece from India. In mid-15th century BC, chicken was recognized by the people in Egypt.

Chicken Facts

Chicken Facts

Facts about Chicken 3: chicken as a pet

Chicken is not only considered as a source of food.  Some people like to keep it as a pet.   You can do hand feeding if you want to tame it.

Facts about Chicken 4: roosters

If you are interested to have roosters as a pet, you have to be careful. They can be noisy and aggressive. Make sure that you do not have children if you want to have roosters as the pets at home.

Facts about Chicken

Facts about Chicken

Facts about Chicken 5: the docile chicken

If you want to have the docile chicken as a pet at home, you can pick the special chicken breeders such as the bantam varieties or even silkies.

Facts about Chicken 6: the diseases

Chicken is prone to various diseases due to the presence of parasites such as ticks, lice, intestinal worms, fleas, and mites.

Chicken Pictures

Chicken Pictures

Facts about Chicken 7: chicken meat

Chicken meat is very popular in the world due to the cheap price. The meat of chicken is included in a type of poultry meat. Find cattle facts here.

Facts about Chicken 8: chicken dishes

There are various dishes created from chicken meat. Those include chicken soup, fried chicken, roasted chicken, tandoori, butter chicken, chicken rice, Buffalo wings, and many more.

Chicken Image

Chicken Image

Facts about Chicken 9: the eggs

Chicken produces eggs.  There were around 50.4 million tons of eggs produced by the chickens in 2000. Most eggs are used to create the baked goods, sweet or savory dishes. You can make a scrambled egg at home. Check chicken eggs facts here.

Facts about Chicken 10: the diet of chickens

The main diet of chickens includes insects, young mice, small snakes, seeds and lizards.



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