10 Facts about Chicken Eggs

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One of the famous eggs in the world is explained on Facts about Chicken Eggs. Actually there are many other animals which lay eggs other than chicken. Those include reptiles, birds, fish, and amphibians. Human being has consumed eggs of animals since the ancient times. The eggs of chicken are considered as the most popular choices in the world. Get other interesting facts about chicken eggs below:

Facts about Chicken Eggs 1: cookery

Chicken eggs are very important in cookery. There are various dishes that you can make using chicken eggs such as scrambled eggs, fried eggs and baked foods. Find facts about butter here.

Facts about Chicken Eggs 2: the nutritional value

Chicken eggs are widely used in the process of cooking due to the high nutritional value. It contains a significant amount of choline and protein.

Chicken Egg

Chicken Egg

Facts about Chicken Eggs 3: the health issues

Even though chicken eggs have great nutrients, you have to be careful with the health issues.  You have to check the individual allergies and egg quality.

Facts about Chicken Eggs 4: the global industry

Due to the popularity of chicken eggs in cookery, the production of chicken eggs in the world is considered as a global industry. You can find a lot of farms which produce chicken eggs to meet the demand of the market.

Chicken Eggs

Chicken Eggs

Facts about Chicken Eggs 5: the production of eggs

There were around 62.1 million metric tons of eggs produced in the world based on the report in 2009.

Facts about Chicken Eggs 6: how to serve chicken eggs

There are various ways to serve chicken eggs. You can have it in soft boiled, hard boiled, fried, pickled, scrambled, and omelet ones. Some people decide to eat the chicken eggs raw. However, the pregnant women and elderly are not recommended to eat the raw chicken eggs due to salmonellosis.

Chicken Eggs Pictures

Chicken Eggs Pictures

Facts about Chicken Eggs 7: egg yolks

The people can use egg yolks for the thickener in the custards and emulsifier. You can cook the white egg separately. It has little fat. get facts about cakes here.

Facts about Chicken Eggs 8: Salmonella

If you want to safely serve the chicken eggs, make sure that the chicken eggs are heated at the temperature of 160 degree F or 71 degree C. You can also pasteurize in shell the chicken eggs at the temperature at 135 degree F or 57 degree C.

Chicken Eggs Image

Chicken Eggs Image

Facts about Chicken Eggs 9: the flavor

If you want to taste the unique flavor of eggs, you can pick the tea eggs. The people can get this flavor by steeping the eggs with black tealeaves, soy sauce, and spices.

Facts about Chicken Eggs 10: how to store eggs

It is better for you to store the chicken eggs inside the fridge.



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