10 Facts about Chickenpox

Wednesday, December 2nd 2015. | Medical

Facts about Chickenpox tell you about one of the highly contagious diseases in the world. People also call this disease varicella. The cause of chickenpox is because of the infection of VZV or varicella zoster virus. When people have chickenpox, the primary symptom is seen on the presence of skin rash. Check other facts about chickenpox:

Facts about Chickenpox 1: the skin rash

The skin rash is always seen as the main symptom when people are infected by chickenpox.  The skin is filled with itchy blisters. The first areas affected by the rash are chest, face and back. Then the rash can be seen all over the body.

Facts about Chickenpox 2: other symptoms

Other symptoms which may occur during the infection of chickenpox include tiredness, fever, and headaches.

Chickenpox Patient

Chickenpox Patient

Facts about Chickenpox 3: the complications

If the patients with chickenpox do not receive the proper treatment, it can lead into complications such bacterial infection on the skin, brain inflammation and pneumonia. The symptoms can last for 5-10 days.

Facts about Chickenpox 4: the severe form

The more severe form of chickenpox occurs on adulthood than on childhood.

Chickenpox facts

Chickenpox facts

Facts about Chickenpox 5: the development of the chickenpox symptoms

The people who are infected by the virus will develop the symptoms 10 to 21 days after its first exposure.  This disease is considered as a highly contagious one. The sneezes and coughs of the infected patients can spread this disease to other people. Therefore, chickenpox is included as an airborne disease. Get facts about botulism here.

Facts about Chickenpox 6: the contact with the blisters

The contact with the blisters of the patient can also spread the chickenpox disease.

Chickenpox Blisters

Chickenpox Blisters

Facts about Chickenpox 7: the diagnosis

The physician diagnoses the chickenpox on the patients by looking at the symptoms. But the physician can conduct PCR test on the scabs or fluid of the blister to check the disease in some rare cases.

Facts about Chickenpox 8: immune or not immune

To find out whether you are immune or not, the antibody test can be conducted by the physician. If you are immune, you will not get infected by the disease. Find facts about being healthy here.

Facts about Chickenpox

Facts about Chickenpox

Facts about Chickenpox 9: the occurrence of chickenpox

Chickenpox usually only occurs once in a life time.

Facts about Chickenpox 10: varicella vaccine

If you want to avoid the infection of chickenpox, you need to have varicella vaccine. Due to this vaccine, the number of cases and complications of chickenpox has been reduced over the time. If you have chickenpox, you can take paracetamol to treat fevers and use calamine lotion to treat the blister.

Chickenpox Pic

Chickenpox Pic

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