10 Facts about Chief Joseph

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Facts about Chief Joseph tell you about the leader of the Wal-lam-wat-kain band of Nez Perce. He was the son of Chief Joseph the Elder. Chief Joseph succeeded his father as the leader of the Nez Perce. It was the Native American tribe indigenous people who lived in Wallowa Valley in northeastern Oregon. He was born on 3 March 1840 and died on 21 September 1904. Here are other interesting facts about Chief Joseph:

Facts about Chief Joseph 1: removal

United States federal government removed the band of his people to the northeast in Lapwai, Idaho territory from the ancestral lands of Wallowa Valley.

Facts about Chief Joseph 2: the resistance

The Nez Perce resisted the removal by the United States federal government. Therefore, they tried to get the political asylum.

Chief Joseph Facts

Chief Joseph Facts

Facts about Chief Joseph 3: General Oliver O. Howard

General Oliver O. Howard was the leader of the campaign to pursue the Native American people on the behalf of United States army.

Facts about Chief Joseph 4: the fighting retreat

Nez Perce War was famous in the history of American people. Nez Perce had the fighting retreat in 1877. Get facts about Cecil Rhodes here.

Facts about Chief Joseph

Facts about Chief Joseph

Facts about Chief Joseph 5: the skill of Nez Perce

Nez Perce had wonderful skill during the fighting.  The American public as well as the military adversaries admired their fighting skill and manner. Chief Joseph and Nez Perce got a lot of attentions from the American people due to the coverage of war in various US newspapers.

Facts about Chief Joseph 6: the fame of Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph was known as a peacemaker and humanitarian. Find facts about Cesar Chavez here.

Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph

Facts about Chief Joseph 7: the name

The birth name of Chief Joseph was Hinmuuttu-yalatlat. The name has the meaning Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain in Nez Perce.

Facts about Chief Joseph 8: the nickname

During his youth, Chief Joseph was called Young Joseph. It is due to the baptized name of his father, Tuekakas. The Christian name of Tuekakas was Joseph the Elder or Old Joseph.

Chief Joseph Pictures

Chief Joseph Pictures

Facts about Chief Joseph 9: Nez Perce War

The pursuit of the United Army to the 750 Nez Perce and several members of Palouse tribe was defined as the Nez Perce War. The tribes wanted to get freedom. Therefore, they decided to go to Montana territory to get refuge from the Crow Nation. Nez Perce moved north when the Crow Nation did not help them.

Facts about Chief Joseph 10: travel

Nez Perce had to travel along Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. They covered the 1,880 km or 1,170 miles of travel for more than 3 months. During the journey, they fought the pursuers.

Chief Joseph Image

Chief Joseph Image

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