10 Facts about Chief Keef

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Let’s find out the interesting information about the famous American rapper on Facts about Chief Keef. He was born Keith Cozart on 15 August 1995. He chooses Chief Keef as his stage name. He started to rap since his early age. Keef was raised in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. To record his music, he uses the karaoke machine of his mother. Check other interesting facts about Chief Keef below:

Facts about Chief Keef 1: the teenage years

Chief Keef has a great popularity during his teenage years. He was famous among the local house school students due to his music videos. At that time, he was under house arrest.

Facts about Chief Keef 2: the bidding war

Chief Keef was the subject of bidding war of the labels because of his increased popularity. Interscope Records finally signed him. Then 1017 Brick Squad signed him.

Chief Keef Rapper

Chief Keef Rapper

Facts about Chief Keef 3: Glory Boyz Entertainment

Glory Boyz Entertainment is the record label that Chief Keef establishes his own. He was the CEO of this label. Then Glory Boyz Entertainment was turned into Glo Gang.

Facts about Chief Keef 4: the debut album

On 18 December 2012, Chief Keef released his debut album. The title was Finally Rich.

Chief Keef Picture

Chief Keef Picture

Facts about Chief Keef 5: the legal issues

There are several legal issues that Chief Keef has to deal with after he becomes a famous rapper. There is no need to wonder that Chief Keef is associated with gangsta rapper image.  He is also linked with the drill music genre of Chicago.

Facts about Chief Keef 6: the self-releasing mixtapes

There are several self-releasing mixtapes that he makes with his Glo Gang Label. He was dropped from Interscope Label in the end of 2014.

Chief Keef

Chief Keef

Facts about Chief Keef 7: the name

The real name of Chief Keef is Keith Cozart. His name is taken from deceased uncle. His mother gave birth to him when she was only 16 years old. Cozart was born in Chicago, Illinois. His grandmother was the legal guardian of Keef since he did not get along with his biological father. Find facts about Charles Ives here.

Facts about Chief Keef 8: an arrest

Keef was arrested for he fired gunshots in Washington Park Neighborhood, Chicago from a Pontiac Grand Prix. Chief Keef was charged due to his unlawful usage of a weapon. Therefore, Keef had to spend 30 days in his grandmother’s house due to the house arrest.

Chief Keef Pic

Chief Keef Pic

Facts about Chief Keef 9: “I Don’t Like”

“I Don’t Like” is considered as one of the most popular songs of Chief Keef during the beginning of his career. Get facts about Charlie Parker here.

Facts about Chief Keef 10: the featured guests in Finally Rich

There are several other guests that you can find on the debut album of Chief Keef. You can find Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, Lil Reese and Young Jeezy.

Facts about Chief Keef

Facts about Chief Keef

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