10 Facts about Chief Pontiac

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One of the important persons during the Pontiac’s War is explained on Facts about Chief Pontiac. He was born circa 1720 and died on 20 April 1769. After the Pontiac’s War in 1763 until 1766, people know more about him. He was the Ottawa chief during the war. The war involved the struggle of American Indians to fight against the occupation of British people in Great Lakes region. Get other interesting facts about Chief Pontiac below:

Facts about Chief Pontiac 1: the portrayal of Chief Pontiac

Chief Pontiac was described as a leader of a revolt and mastermind based on the accounts written in 19th century. However, there are several people who consider that the portrayal of Chief Pontiac during the war overstated.

Facts about Chief Pontiac 2: Chief Pontiac in the history

Even though the role of Chief Pontiac during the war is still on a debate, he is considered as one of the prominent figures in the history.

Facts about Chief Pontiac

Facts about Chief Pontiac

Facts about Chief Pontiac 3: the beginning of Pontiac War

In May 1763, the Pontiac War began. It took place where the chief and his followers tried to capture Fort Detroit. His plan to take the fort by surprised was failed.  However, there were around 900 people who joined him during the war. Therefore, the war lengthened to Detroit.

Facts about Chief Pontiac 4: Battle of Bloody Run

In Battle of Bloody Run, a British detachment was defeated by Pontiac and his followers in July 1763. However, Pontiac failed to take the fort.

Chief Pontiac

Chief Pontiac

Facts about Chief Pontiac 5: the importance of Chief Pontiac

During the war, Chief Pontiac was considered as an important figure. He resisted the British occupation even though his sieges were not successful.

Facts about Chief Pontiac 6: the end of the war

The diplomatic effort was conducted by British forces to end the war with Pontiac. Finally Pontiac agreed to end the war and made peace with Sir William Johnson. He was the British Superintended of Indian Affairs.

Chief Pontiac Pic

Chief Pontiac Pic

Facts about Chief Pontiac 7: the British attention to Pontiac

There were other native Indian leaders who developed anger to Pontiac because he received a lot of attentions from British. Pontiac also claimed more lands than those he actually owned. Get facts about Chief Tecumseh here.

Facts about Chief Pontiac 8: death

Chief Pontiac died in 1769. A Peoria warrior killed him.  The chief was hated by other native tribes.

Chief Pontiac Image

Chief Pontiac Image

Facts about Chief Pontiac 9: the parents of Chief Pontiac

It was believed that his father was an Ojibwa, while his mother was an Ottawa based on 18th century accounts. Find facts about Cherokee here.

Facts about Chief Pontiac 10: the place of birth

The people believe that Chief Pontiac’s birthplace was at an Ottawa village located on the Detroit or Maumee rivers.

Chief Pontiac Pictures

Chief Pontiac Pictures

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