10 Facts about Chief Powhatan

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Facts about Chief Powhatan tell you about the chief of Tsenacommacah. Wahunsenacawh is the proper name of the chief. He died in 1618. The English called him Chief or King due to his military and political power. In the history, he was recognized as the father of Pocahontas. His daughter married John Rolfe, an English Settler and embraced Christianity. Check other interesting facts about Chief Powhatan below:

Facts about Chief Powhatan 1: the older brother

The people speculated that Chief Powhatan probably was the elder brother of Opechancanough. In 1622 and 1644, he was leader of the raids against English people.

Facts about Chief Powhatan 2: the English colonists and Powhatan

English colonists and Powhatan came into contact in 1607. He was known as Powhatan. The name was taken from the name of his hometown located at the falls of James River. Today, it is situated nearby Richmond, Virginia.

Chief Powhatan

Chief Powhatan

Facts about Chief Powhatan 3: the names and titles

Chief Powhatan earned a lot of titles and names. Sometimes, he was called Mamauatonick or Ottaniack. His people also called him Wahunsenasawk. Get facts about American History here.

Facts about Chief Powhatan 4: the life before the presence of English colonists

It is not easy to find out the early life of Chief Powhatan before the English colonists come to America in 1607.

Chief Powhatan Pic

Chief Powhatan Pic

Facts about Chief Powhatan 5: the leadership

He was a famous leader in Native American history for there were around 4 to 6 tribes under his control. In the beginning of 17th century, there were around 30 tribes included in his confederacy due to the forces and diplomacy.

Facts about Chief Powhatan 6: the members

There were 10,000 to 15,000 members of the confederacy of Chief Powhatan. Find facts about Chief Pontiac here.

Chief Powhatan Facts

Chief Powhatan Facts

Facts about Chief Powhatan 7: Opechancanough

Opechancanough was the younger brother of Chief Powhatan who led a hunting expedition. One of the leaders in Jamestown colony, John Smith was captured by Opechancanough in December 1607.

Facts about Chief Powhatan 8: was Smith executed?

Smith was prevented from execution because of Pocahontas. When he was captured, Smith was taken to the capital of Powhatan in Werowocomoco. The location was along York River.

Chief Powhatan Cartoon

Chief Powhatan Cartoon

Facts about Chief Powhatan 9: the relationship of Powhatan and English colonists

The hungry English colonists had to establish the English styled house for Powhatan in January 1609 so that they could get food supplies.

Facts about Chief Powhatan 10: the artifacts

The contact between Powhatan and the English colonist was occurred in the beginning of 17th century due to the extensive artifacts in the site.

Facts about Chief Powhatan

Facts about Chief Powhatan

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