10 Facts about Chief Seattle

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Another prominent Native American figure is explained on Facts about Chief Seattle. He was also recognized as Dkhw’Duw’Absh or Duwamish chief. He was born circa 1786 and died on 7 June 1866. Chief Seattle had a close relation with David Swinson Maynard due to his accommodation to the white people. Get other interesting facts about Chief Seattle below:

Facts about Chief Seattle 1: the city of Seattle

If you hear the name Chief Seattle, you must be reminded with the city of Seattle. Actually the name of the city was taken from the name of the chief.

Facts about Chief Seattle 2: the parents

Let’s talk about the parents of Chief Seattle. His father was the chief of Dkhw’Suqw’Absh tribe or Suquamish tribe. His mother was from Dkhw’Duw’Absh tribe. Her name was Sholeetsa.

Chief Seattle Book

Chief Seattle Book

Facts about Chief Seattle 3: the birth date and birthplace

Chief Seattle was born near Blake Island, Washington in 1780. If you check the Duwamish tradition, it is stated that Chief Seattle was born on the Black River at the village of his mother. People believe that present day of the location is at City of Kent.

Facts about Chief Seattle 4: the language

Chief Seattle mastered two languages when he grew up in the area. He knew to speak Dkhw’Duw’Absh and Dkhw’Suqw’Absh dialects of Lushootseed.

Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle

Facts about Chief Seattle 5: as a chief

Chief Seattle became a chief of Duwamish tribe because of his inheritance from his maternal uncle. At that time, the inheritor was seen from the mother’s side for it did not employ the patrilineal culture.

Facts about Chief Seattle 6: Chief Seattle at young age

When Chief Seattle was young, he was recognized by the people as a warrior or a leader. He was known for attacking the S’Klallam and Chimakum tribes. He also defeated the enemies who arrived from Cascade foothills to reach Green River.

Chief Seattle Statue

Chief Seattle Statue

Facts about Chief Seattle 7: slaves

During the raids, there were several slaves captured. Therefore, the chief also had his own slaves. Find facts about Chief Powhatan here.

Facts about Chief Seattle 8: the nickname

Chief Seattle was often called Le Gros of The Big one. He received this nickname from Hudson’s Bay Company traders due to his broad and tall appearance.

Chief Seattle Facts

Chief Seattle Facts

Facts about Chief Seattle 9: a famous orator

Chief Seattle was also known as a great orator due to his loud voice. His voice can be heard with the distance of 1.2 kilometer. Get facts about Chief Tecumseh here.

Facts about Chief Seattle 10: the family life

La-Dalia was the first wife of Chief Seattle. She died when giving birth to a baby. His second wife was Olahl who gave him four daughters and three sons.

Facts about Chief Seattle

Facts about Chief Seattle

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