10 Facts about Chief Tecumseh

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Facts about Chief Tecumseh talk about the Native American leader of Shawnee. He was born in March 1768 and died on 5 October 1813. He was also prominent as the leader of Tecumseh’s Confederacy. His tribal confederacy was against United States government. In 1812, he and his followers was the ally of the British people during the war. Here are other interesting facts about Chief Tecumseh:

Facts about Chief Tecumseh 1: the warfare

During his life, Chief Tecumseh had been exposed to various kinds of warfare. He was raised in Ohio Country when the American Revolutionary war and Northwest Indian War broke out.

Facts about Chief Tecumseh 2: the movement of the Shawnee

The Shawnee decided to move northwest after British decided to give up Ohio Valley to United States. The tribe decided to live in Prophetstown in 1808.  The site is situated in the today’s Indiana.

Chief Tecumseh Pictures

Chief Tecumseh Pictures

Facts about Chief Tecumseh 3: the vision

Chief Tecumseh had a vision to form an independent Native American nation. Therefore, the chief tried to engage the other tribes to support his vision.

Facts about Chief Tecumseh 4: an ally

The confederacy of Chief Tecumseh became an ally of British in the war of 1812. His confederacy helped the British forces to take over Fort Detroit.

Chief Tecumseh Statue

Chief Tecumseh Statue

Facts about Chief Tecumseh 5: the powerful speech

When we talk about Chief Tecumseh, we should never forget the powerful speech that he delivered to his people upon a rock. If you are interested to view the speech, you can go to Fort Malden for it is preserved there.

Facts about Chief Tecumseh 6: the retreat

The British and Native American forces decided to retreat after Lake Erie was under the control of United States in 1813.



Facts about Chief Tecumseh 7: the death of Chief Tecumseh

Chief Tecumseh died in October 1813 after he was killed in the battle of the Thames by the United States army.

Facts about Chief Tecumseh 8: moving wet

The Native American people decided to move after their leader died in the battle. His confederation split up. Find facts about Chief Joseph here.

Facts about Chief Tecumseh

Facts about Chief Tecumseh

Facts about Chief Tecumseh 9: an iconic hero

Until this present day, Chief Tecumseh is still considered as prominent figure in the history.  In the Canadian, Aboriginal and Native American history, the chief is considered as an iconic folk hero. Get facts about Cherokee culture here.

Facts about Chief Tecumseh 10: parents

His father was Puckshinwa, his mother was Methotaske. The maternal great-great grandfather was an important chief of Pekowi and Turtle clan. He was Straight Tail Meaurroway Opessa.

Chief Tecumseh Facts

Chief Tecumseh Facts

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