10 Facts about Chihuahua Mexico

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If you want to know the city in Mexico, check Facts about Chihuahua Mexico.  The economy of the city is focused on the light industries, domestic heavy industries, and consumer good production. The city is inhabited by 825,327 people.  Let’s find out other interesting facts about Chihuahua below:

Facts about Chihuahua Mexico 1: the establishment of the city

Blas Cano de los Rios and Antonio Deza y Ulloa founded the city of Chihuahua Mexico on 12 October 1709.

Facts about Chihuahua Mexico 2: the name of the city

The name of the city, Chihuahua was taken from the Nahuatl language. The meaning of the Chihuahua is between two waters. Others believe that it means dry and sandy place or place of the holed rock.

Chihuahua Mexico Skyline

Chihuahua Mexico Skyline

Facts about Chihuahua Mexico 3: as a Villa

In 1718, the town was called as a Villa. At that time, people call it San Felipe el Real de Chihuahua. In 1823, the shortened name of the city was introduced.

Facts about Chihuahua Mexico 4: the security sector

The security sector of Chihuahua is increased after it purchases the surveillance aircraft. Moreover, the Police Department of Chihuahua got ISO certification.

Facts about Chihuahua Mexico

Facts about Chihuahua Mexico

Facts about Chihuahua Mexico 5: Juan Blanco Zaldivar

Juan Blanco Zaldivar was the winner for the election when he ran for a mayor in the city. He was in the office in 2004 until 2007. He was from PAN or National Action Party.

Facts about Chihuahua Mexico 6: the innovations

There were various innovations that the city has between 2002 until 2005. This city has Périferico de la Juventud, Zone of the Sun and Plaza del Sol. The latter one is the first larger mall in Chihuahua.

Chihuahua Mexico at Night

Chihuahua Mexico at Night

Facts about Chihuahua Mexico 7: International Festivals of Chihuahua

During the months of September/October, the people can enjoy International Festivals of Chihuahua.  The visitors can enjoy different kinds of plays, art shows, concerts and stage presentations. The famous bands that had performed in the concert during the festival included Los Lobos, Creedence and Foreigner. Check facts about Chester here.

Facts about Chihuahua Mexico 8: the literacy rate

The literacy rate in the city is 98 percent. It is considered as the highest one in the city.

Chihuahua Mexico Facts

Chihuahua Mexico Facts

Facts about Chihuahua Mexico 9: the highest buildings in Chihuahua

Chihuahua is the home to various high buildings such as lumina tower, sphere tower, cenit tower, and Asta bandera el Palomar. Get facts about Chicago here.

Facts about Chihuahua Mexico 10: the interesting sites in Chihuahua

If you are in the city, you can visit a wide array of interesting sites. Those include Central Park “El Palomar”, Temple of San Francisco, Museo Casa Juarez, Mansion Terrazas and The Government Palace.

Chihuahua Mexico Picture

Chihuahua Mexico Picture

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