10 Facts about Child Development

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Facts about Child Development inform the emotional, psychological and biological changes that human beings experience. This process is continuous from the birth until the adolescence. During the adolescence age, the human being will have their autonomy. During the birth, the human beings are still dependant. When people study child development, it always involves with the genetics, prenatal life and prenatal development. Get other interesting facts about child development below:

Facts about Child Development 1: the sciences related to child development

If you are interested to study about child development, you can check two kinds of disciplines.  The science related to the medicine of for taking care children is studied in pediatrics. The development of human being throughout the life span is studied in developmental psychology.

Facts about Child Development 2: maturation

Maturation is the process of development change. The interaction between the environmental factors and learning makes human beings mature.

Child Development facts

Child Development facts

Facts about Child Development 3: the new born phase

The new born phase occurs from 0 to 4 weeks old. It is considered as the initial age related development period. Get facts about babies here.

Facts about Child Development 4: infant and toddler

The human being is called as an infant if it is 4 weeks old to a year old. You can call it a toddler if it has the age of 1 to 3 years.

Child Development Pictures

Child Development Pictures

Facts about Child Development 5: the preschooler and school aged child

The next phase after a toddler is preschooler. It is the period when the child is 4 to 6 years old. The school age child begins at 6 years old. It ends when the child is 13 years old.

Facts about Child Development 6: adolescence

The adolescent period starts when the child is 13 years old. It ends when the child is 19 years old.

Child Development Image

Child Development Image

Facts about Child Development 7: the importance of parents

The development of child primarily depends on the parents. The role of parents also affects the socialization and life of child.

Facts about Child Development 8: parental training

The parental training is encouraged for the people who want to have great child development.

Facts about Child Development

Facts about Child Development

Facts about Child Development 9: the physical growth

The physical growth is fast after the child is delivered by the mother. The weight of the baby is tripled by the age 12 months. Find facts about child health here.

Facts about Child Development 10: the importance of genetic factors

The growth rate of the child is determined by the genetic factors.  If you want to boost the growth of the child, the genetic factors should be supported by the right environmental conditions.

Child Development

Child Development

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