10 Facts about Child Health

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Facts about Child Health tell you the nutrition, child care and diseases which often attack the health of kids. If you have to have a healthy kid, make sure that you can give them the healthy foods. They need fat, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Check other facts about child health below:

Facts about Child Health 1: the grains

You can serve the kids with the whole grains such as quinoa, oatmeal, whole wheat bread and red rice.

Facts about Child Health 2: the protein

Don’t forget to serve protein for kids. You can give them soy products, eggs, beans, poultry, lean meat, seafood, unsalted nuts, peas and seeds.

Child Health

Child Health

Facts about Child Health 3: the fruits and vegetables

To make sure that the child can grow well without any obesity, you need to give fruits and vegetables.  Serve the red, green or even orange vegetables. The fruits can be served in various ways. You can pick the dried, frozen, fresh or canned ones.

Facts about Child Health 4: the added sugar and solid fats

You have to limit the intake of the calories of kids to make sure that the children will now experience obesity. Don’t make the children eat much soda, cake and butter. Find facts about cakes here.

Child Health Pic

Child Health Pic

Facts about Child Health 5: the solid fats

The solid fats can be replaced with healthier foods such as nuts oils and vegetables. Both of them give the kids the high amount of vitamin E and fatty acids. Get facts about cherries here.

Facts about Child Health 6: the childhood diseases

There are several types of diseases which present during the childhood period. Those include anemia, asthma, chickenpox, Diphtheria, diabetes type 1, and dental caries.

Child Health Facts

Child Health Facts

Facts about Child Health 7: Childcare infection

The parents should be careful with the childcare infection. It can infect the children when they have contact with other children in school or daycare.

Facts about Child Health 8: the infectious disease

The infectious disease is easier to spread among the kids in the childcare environment when they have contact with others.

Child Health Care

Child Health Care

Facts about Child Health 9: the common childcare diseases

One of the common diseases spreading in childcare environment is diarrhea. The influenza like illnesses is prevalent too.

Facts about Child Health 10: hand washing

Hand washing is one of the important things to do by children to cut the spread of the disease. Ask them to wash their hands after using the toilet and before eat the meals. Don’t forget to improve the hygiene of the children to make them healthy.

Facts about Child Health

Facts about Child Health

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