10 Facts about Child Hunger

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Facts about Child Hunger talk about the sustained period of hunger experienced by the children all over the world. Actually hunger is also experienced by the adults who live in the poor countries in the world.  Because of hunger, these people cannot get the basic nutritional needs for the body. There are various causes of child hunger. Let’s find out other facts about child hunger below:

Facts about Child Hunger 1: the causes of child hunger

The occurrence of child hunger can be caused by several factors such as the adverse weather, poverty, plagues and war.

Facts about Child Hunger 2: the World War II

Do you still remember the history of World War II?  Ten years after the war was over, it was not easy to reduce the number of the hungry children and people.

Child Hunger Facts

Child Hunger Facts

Facts about Child Hunger 3: the malnutrition

More than 3.1 million children with the age under 5 die per year because of malnutrition. Actually there were around 824 million people malnourished based on the report of FAO in 2013.

Facts about Child Hunger 4: the hungry children

There is another report of the child hunger based on UNESCO. There are around 300 million kids who have to go to bed in hunger per night.

Child Hunger Pictures

Child Hunger Pictures

Facts about Child Hunger 5: the death of children

The children who die because of malnutrition per day are estimated around 8000 children based on the report of UNICEF.

Facts about Child Hunger 6: the physical sensation of hunger

Can you explain the physical sensation of hunger? The children will experience the muscle contractions on the stomach.  The contractions can be very painful and severe.

Child Hunger Pic

Child Hunger Pic

Facts about Child Hunger 7: the health problems

When the children are in hunger, it is very prone for them to be infected with diseases. The ability of the body to do self heal will be reduced. Find facts about child development here.

Facts about Child Hunger 8: food insecurity

If you think that food insecurity is only occurred in the developing countries, you are wrong. The developed countries like United States also have this state. There were around 50 million American people who faced the food insecurity based on the report of United States Department. 17 million of the American people who had this condition were the children.

Child Hunger

Child Hunger

Facts about Child Hunger 9: how to end hunger

There are many people who focus to end hunger in the world.  The EndingHunger campaign is used to raise the awareness of the people about hunger. Get facts about child health here.

Facts about Child Hunger 10: the women and children

The women who have children tend to skip their meals so that they can feed the children. There is no need to wonder that 60 percent of the hungry people are women based on World Bank studies.

Facts about Child Hunger

Facts about Child Hunger

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