10 Facts about Child Labor

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Let’s find out the exploitation and employment of children at work on Facts about Child Labor.  When the child has to engage at work, he or she cannot attend school. It also alienates them from the memorable childhood time. Child labor is considered harmful and dangerous for the child development. It can ruin the children socially, physically, morally and mentally. Check other interesting facts about child labor below:

Facts about Child Labor 1: is it legal or non legal?

Child labor is considered as a non legal activity. It is prohibited in many parts of the world. There are various international organizations which consider the child labor as an exploitative practice.

Facts about Child Labor 2: the exception

Not all works performed by children are included as child labor. The exception can be seen on some parts of Amish children’s works, child artist’s works, supervised training and many more.

Facts about Child Labor

Facts about Child Labor

Facts about Child Labor 3: the child labor in the history

Child labor can be traced back in various periods in the history. There were many children who ended up in child labor in United States, Europe, and European colonies before 1940s.

Facts about Child Labor 4: the working places

The children work in various locations.  Before 1940s, they worked at the mining industries, factories, home based operations, agriculture, plantation and services. In some cases, these children had to work for 12 hours at night.

Child Labor Pic

Child Labor Pic

Facts about Child Labor 5: the reduced number of child labor

The number of child labor is decreased for various reasons such as the availability of school, the increase of household income and child labor law which prohibits child labor practice. Get facts about child labor in India here.

Facts about Child Labor 6: the child labor in developing countries

It is still common to spot the child labor in the developing countries because of the low opportunities of schooling and poverty.

Child Labor Image

Child Labor Image

Facts about Child Labor 7: the highest cases of child labor

The highest cases of child labor were spotted in sub-Saharan Africa in 2010.

Facts about Child Labor 8: the working children

More than 50 percent of the children who worked in some African countries were at the age of 5 to 14 years old.

Child Labor

Child Labor

Facts about Child Labor 9: the largest employer

The largest employer of child labor in the world is agriculture. The main cause of child labor is lack of school and poverty. Find facts about child labor during the industrial revolution here.

Facts about Child Labor 10: child labor and industrial revolution

During the industrial revolution, the child labor was prevalent.  They had to work in the production factors.  The working condition at that time was dangerous and harmful.

Child Labor facts

Child Labor facts

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