10 Facts about Child Migration

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The migration of children from one region to another region is explained on Facts about Child Migration. The children migrate without their parents. The purpose of children migration is usually conducted because of child labor. This condition occurs in various countries in the world such as in Bulgaria, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Malta and many more. Check other facts about child migration below:

Facts about Child Migration 1: the stolen generation

The stole generation occurred in Australia when the aboriginal Australian children had to live in the foster home at the end of 19th century and beginning of 20th century. They were removed from the family.

Facts about Child Migration 2: the child migration in Australia

There were 7,000 children migrated to Australia. Most of them were from United Kingdom. Check facts about Australian government here.

Child Migration Images

Child Migration Images

Facts about Child Migration 3: the life of child migrants

If you think that the child migrants lived well, you are wrong.  They were raised or even adopted in the foster care, orphanages, institutions or even children’s homes.  The children often had abuse or even neglect.

Facts about Child Migration 4: child migration

As I have stated before, child migration also occurred in Bulgaria. It took place in the second half of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century. The migration at that time was linked with the Bulgarian market gardeners.

Child Migration Facts

Child Migration Facts

Facts about Child Migration 5: the main cause

The child migration was caused by the high demand of child labor in the market gardening sector. The master gardeners preferred kids because they did not have to pay them. The children worked as apprentice.

Facts about Child Migration 6: the migration in Canada

The child migration in Canada occurred in 19th century where the Canadian Indian residential school system was established.

Facts about Child Migration

Facts about Child Migration

Facts about Child Migration 7: the assimilation

The residential school system in Canada forced the Aboriginal people to assimilate with the European people in Canada.

Facts about Child Migration 8: the child migration in Malta

In 1950 and 1965, there were 310 children migrated to Australia from Malta. Some of them became priest in the Catholic institution.

Child Migration

Child Migration

Facts about Child Migration 9: child migration in United Kingdom

Child migration in United Kingdom occurred in 1618. There were 100 children sent to the Virginia Colony.

Facts about Child Migration 10: the British children

There were 130,000 British children sent to other countries such as South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and Rhodesia. Get facts about Australia history here.

Child Migration Pic

Child Migration Pic

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