10 Facts about Child Neglect

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Facts about Child Neglect inform you with the child maltreatment form. When a person does child neglect, they abandon the education, nutrition, health care, supervision, safe housing, emotional and physical aspects of the kids. The development of the children will run smoothly if the caregivers or parents do not neglect their children. Here are some facts about child neglect to note:

Facts about Child Neglect 1: the causes of child neglect

There are several causes of child neglect. Those include the unplanned pregnancy, metal health, poverty, single parenting, domestic violence, substance use, and unemployment.

Facts about Child Neglect 2: the main cause

Poverty is still considered as the main cause of child neglect. Due to the low income of the caregivers, they cannot provide the children with the basic need.

Facts about Child Neglect

Facts about Child Neglect

Facts about Child Neglect 3: the young mothers

The risk of having child neglect is very high among the babies with the young mothers.

Facts about Child Neglect 4: the abused or neglected children in US

There were 3.3 million reports on the state and local child protective service in United States about the neglect and abuse of children.

Child Neglect

Child Neglect

Facts about Child Neglect 5: the removal of children

The children will be removed from the house due to the maltreatment that they receive at home. Find out facts about child hunger here.

Facts about Child Neglect 6: the negative impact of child neglect

Child neglect has the negative impact for the life of children. They are very prone to develop the health, emotional and social problems.

Child Neglect Pic

Child Neglect Pic

Facts about Child Neglect 7: the types of child neglects

There are several types of child neglect to note. When the caregivers do not provide the basic care needs for the children, it is included in the medical neglect. The physical neglect is defined by the failure of the caregiver to provide the children with the basic needs to live such as clothes and food. The failure to provide the children with the basic education is referred to the educational neglect. The emotional neglect refers to the abandonment for providing the kids with encouragement and emotional security.

Facts about Child Neglect 8: leaving the children

When you leave the children in an unsupervised area, this act can be included as child neglect.

Child Neglect Image

Child Neglect Image

Facts about Child Neglect 9: the mild child neglect

The example of mild child neglect is when you do not give the appropriate care safety seat for kids. Get facts about child labor here.

Facts about Child Neglect 10: the severe child neglect

The example of the severe child neglect when you do not give the proper treatment for the child with asthma.

Child Neglect Condition

Child Neglect Condition

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