10 Facts about Child Obesity

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The condition with excess of body fat is explained on Facts about Child Obesity. To find out the child is obese or not can be seen from the BMI. The childhood obesity is a problem that the parents should solve since it can affect the well being and health of children. Here are other interesting facts about child obesity:

Facts about Child Obesity 1: the serious public health concern

Child obesity is considered as a serious public health due to the adverse health effect. It can affect the psychological and emotional impact of the children.

Facts about Child Obesity 2: the life-threatening conditions

If the child obesity is not handled well, it can lead into sleeping disorder, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other types of disorders.

Child Obesity Facts

Child Obesity Facts

Facts about Child Obesity 3: the other disorders

The other types of disorders faced by the children with obesity include asthma, bulimia, early puberty, liver disease, skin infection, anorexia and other health problems.

Facts about Child Obesity 4: the child development

If the children are obese, they tend to grow up as obese adults. The mortality rates are increased for the children who have obesity during adolescence.

Facts about Child Obesity

Facts about Child Obesity

Facts about Child Obesity 5: the depression and low self esteem

The depression and low self esteem are the common social problems faced by the obese child. Sometimes the children are discriminated and harassed by the family. The peers often tease the obese child at school.

Facts about Child Obesity 6: the negative impact of obesity

There was a report in 2008 which stated that the children with obesity had the abnormal level of cholesterol and carotid arteries.

Child Obesity

Child Obesity

Facts about Child Obesity 7: the main causes of child obesity

The main causes of obesity are seen from the genetics and family’s environment. The obesity can be inherited from both parents. The other causes of child obesity are related to the body type of the children and the psychological factors. Get facts about child health here.

Facts about Child Obesity 8: the risk factors

The risk factors of child obesity include the increase the portion size of meals, the less physical activities conducted by kids, increase in snack, and usage of technology.

Child Obesity Pic

Child Obesity Pic

Facts about Child Obesity 9: the common childhood obesity

The risk of child obesity is higher on the African and Spanish communities. They are from the low income class. The low class people tend to keep their children inside the house to avoid the danger, drug violence and gang. Therefore, the kids have less physical activities.

Facts about Child Obesity 10: the rare genetic conditions

There are some rare genetic conditions which have obesity as the main feature. Those include MOMO syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Bardet-Biedl syndrome, Melanocortin receptor mutations, Leptin receptor mutations, and congenital leptin deficiency. Find facts about chickenpox here.

Child Obesity Image

Child Obesity Image

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