10 Facts about Child Poverty

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Let’s find out the phenomenon of the children living in poverty on Facts about Child Poverty. The children live in the state of poverty for various reasons.  Probably they are from the poor families. The parents cannot fulfill the basic need of the children which include education, clothes and food. Or probably the children are orphans. They do not have any financial support. Here are some interesting facts about child poverty below:

Facts about Child Poverty 1: the standard of living

When a child cannot live based on the living standard, he or she can be included as a poor child.

Facts about Child Poverty 2: the developing countries

It is more common for the people to spot the child poverty in the developing countries. The standard of living in those countries is very low.

Child Poverty Facts

Child Poverty Facts

Facts about Child Poverty 3: how to measure the poverty

There are various ways to measure poverty. The absolute poverty threshold has been used by United States to measure poverty since 1960s.

Facts about Child Poverty 4: another measurement

The relative poverty threshold is used by European countries and other developed countries to measure the poverty.

Facts about Child Poverty

Facts about Child Poverty

Facts about Child Poverty 5: severe deprivation

To find out whether the children are poor or not can be seen from the severe deprivation. You must know here they have access to good sanitation facilities, safe drinking water, adequate nutrition, information, shelter, education and health.

Facts about Child Poverty 6: the children living in poverty

Most children who live in poverty are from Southern Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. They can be seen living in the rural area.

Child Poverty

Child Poverty

Facts about Child Poverty 7: the indicators of poverty

Some indicators of poverty include the access to service, literacy, malnutrition and family health.

Facts about Child Poverty 8: India

India is considered as one of the largest countries in the world. It is surprising to know that 25 percent of the poor people in the world living in India. You need to know that it is the home to the second largest population of billionaires in the world. Find facts about childhood cancer here.

Child Poverty Image

Child Poverty Image

Facts about Child Poverty 9: Ethiopia

One of the poorest countries in the world is Ethiopia. Today, the economy of this country is slightly increased. The malnutrition is spotted more on boys than on girls in the country. Get facts about child support here.

Facts about Child Poverty 10: the number of the poor children

It is estimated that one billion children of 2.2 billion children in the world live in poverty. There are 400 million children who cannot access the safe water, while 640 million children cannot access the adequate shelter.

Child Poverty Pic

Child Poverty Pic

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