10 Facts about Child Slavery

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The slavery of children is explained on Facts about Child Slavery. The slavery of children has been spotted throughout the history. One example of child slavery could be traced back in the chattel slavery in America. Even though child slavery is prohibited in the modern era, the children are still trafficked and enslaved. Get other facts about child slavery below:

Facts about Child Slavery 1: what is child slavery?

Can you define the child slavery? This act refers to slavery of children. They are below the adult age. They can be as young as seven years old.

Facts about Child Slavery 2: the cause of slavery in the past

There were families who sold their children into slavery because they had to get money or even repay the debt.

Child Slavery

Child Slavery

Facts about Child Slavery 3: selling the children

A slave owner had slave women who gave birth his children. This owner would like to sell the children to earn more money. However, there were various reasons why the children were born in the slavery institution.

Facts about Child Slavery 4: the duties

The scholars have various opinions related to the duties of slave children. They were often asked to do various light household chores.

Child Slavery Pic

Child Slavery Pic

Facts about Child Slavery 5: the childhood and youth time of slave children

The childhood and youth time of the slave children were stolen. They had to perform various duties since the early age. Get facts about child labor here.

Facts about Child Slavery 6: the labor duties

The children as young as six years old had to begin their duties and labors. They also had to learn about related punishment if they could not perform the duties well.

Child Slavery Image

Child Slavery Image

Facts about Child Slavery 7: pregnant woman

There were some slave owners who did not want their slaves to have kids. They were afraid that the children would take a lot of time and caused trouble on the household duties.

Facts about Child Slavery 8: the decreased number of child slavery

The number of child slavery in the modern era has been reduced from time to time due to the abolition of child slavery. But it is still considered as a problem in poor countries. Get facts about child labor in India here.

Facts about Child Slavery

Facts about Child Slavery

Facts about Child Slavery 9: child slavery in Sudan

There was a report of child slavery in southern Sudan in 1990. It was in a Dinka Region, Bahr al Ghazal. The mothers in Dink talked about their kidnapped children in 1995.

Facts about Child Slavery 10: Asian children

There were many Asian children who had to end up in the state of slavery for they had to work in the workshops and factories with constant punishment and no payment.

Child Slavery Facts

Child Slavery Facts

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