10 Facts about Child Soldiers

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The military use of children is elaborated on Facts about Child Soldiers. There are three forms for using the children in the military. People employ them to take a direct part during the war.  The next form is by using the children for human shield or in propaganda action. The last form is by using the children as a messengers, spies, lookouts or porters. Find other interesting facts about child soldiers:

Facts about Child Soldiers 1: the history of child soldiers

Children have been involved in various military campaigns throughout the history. There were 250,000 boys with the age less than 18 years old enrolled in the army in Great Britain during World War I.

Facts about Child Soldiers 2: the World War II

Child soldiers also took part during the Second World War.  They participated in the Soviet Army, Warsaw Uprising and Jewish confrontation.

Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers

Facts about Child Soldiers 3: the international convention

The usage of child children was against the cultural moral. Therefore, there are various international convention conducted since 1970s. The main purpose was to reduce the children’s participation in the war and armed conflict.

Facts about Child Soldiers 4: the spread of child soldiers

The usage of child soldiers is still widespread in the world. It is reported by the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers.

Child Soldiers Pictures

Child Soldiers Pictures

Facts about Child Soldiers 5: the child soldiers in Africa

It is reported that more than 50 percent of the child soldiers in the world are located in Africa.

Facts about Child Soldiers 6: the number of child soldiers

There were around 100,000 children who were involved in the combat roles in 2004. If you check the movie, Blood Diamond, it is stated that there are 200,000 child soldiers in Africa. Find facts about child labor in Africa here.

Child Soldier

Child Soldier

Facts about Child Soldiers 7: the invisible children

The term invisible children are very popular in Africa. They are used to call the abandoned children. The orphanage of the children is because of war, violence and AIDS. These children have to end up as armed children because they are sold by their parents, poverty, or even kidnapped. Get facts about child development here.

Facts about Child Soldiers 8: the child soldier in movies

One of the movies which increase the awareness of the people with the usage of child soldiers is Invisible Children: Rough Cut help.

Child Soldiers Facts

Child Soldiers Facts

Facts about Child Soldiers 9: Democratic Republic of Congo

The child soldiers can be seen in Democratic Republic of Congo. There were around 30,000 children hired during the second Congo War.

Facts about Child Soldiers 10: Sierra Leone’s civil war

In 1991 until 2004, Sierra Leone’s civil war happened.  The Small Boys Units of RUF or Revolutionary United Front committed tortures, rapes and murders based on the report of anthropologist David M. Rosen.

Facts about Child Soldiers

Facts about Child Soldiers

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